Will Smith shares the Venus Williams moment that helped him fall in love with his dad years before he became King Richard

Will Smith shares the Venus Williams moment that helped him fall in love with his dad years before he became King Richard

Although the Williams sisters became all-time great tennis players, every success story begins somewhere else. Their father Richard Williams was the one who started them on their path to becoming champions in the case of Venus Williams and Serena Williams. The new film tells their story. King RichardThe film stars Will Smith as the father and coach. According to the actor, his interest in the ladies’ father went back years and years prior to reading the movie’s script.

During King Richard’s virtual press conference, which CinemaBlend was in attendance for, Will Smith shared that Richard Williams had an impact on him back in the ‘90s. In his words:

There was an interview that Venus was doing. It’Richard Williams snaps at the reporter in a famous interview and says ‘Now she’s gonna say it how she’s gonna say it with a whole lot of confidence.’ I saw that in real time and the look on Venus’ face burned in my heart because that’s how I wanted my daughter to look when I showed up. This interview changed everything about my parenting.

Smith refers to an interview that took place in 1995. The incident is reenacted in King Richard. At that time, Trey Smith would have been an actor. Smith had previously married Sheree Zampino in order to be a father. Smith spoke out about why the interview is so special to him as his parent.

It was the look on Venus’ face, it was like she had a lion and she was so confident that her lion wasn’t going to let anything happen to her and I fell in love with Richard Williams – that was 20-something years ago and when the opportunity of this came up, that was the first thing I remembered. I knew I wanted the world to see a father protecting his daughter like that.

Check out this 1995 interview with Will Smith that features a 14 year-old Venus to get an idea of Smith’s thoughts. Speaking to an ABC reporterInformation about a upcoming game. It’s here:

In the interview, the reporter questions Venus Williams’ confidence by asking her why she thinks she can beat her opponent so confidently. She says that she “believes it” before Richard Williams disrupts the interview to tell the reporter that he’s dealing with the “image of a 14-year-old child.”He basically tells her off for asking him questions about Venus Williams’ confidence. Venus Williams can also be seen in background smiling.

It’s an especially powerful moment in the movie, but seeing that it happened in real life and affected Will Smith at the time is even more impactful. The film tells the story of Venus Williams and Serena Williams, two young tennis players who strive to be great before becoming household names. It shows how Richard Williams was an integral part of their early success and helped to shape them into the champions today.

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