Will Smith Call With Oscar Bosses & Other Outrages Board & More

A previously undisclosed short virtual meeting between Will Smith and Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences President David Rubin and CEO Dawn Hudson on March 29 could be causing a new crisis to hit the Oscar organization.

The initial six-minute zoom call was initiated by the King Richard star to Rubin and Hudson mainly saw Smith apologize, yet again, for slapping Chris Rock during Sunday’s telecast on live TV.

The new shockwave is hitting hard because those in the Academy’s Board of Governors meeting yesterday beginning disciplinary procedures against Smith weren’t in the know.

“Why would they keep this from us?” exclaimed one insider who participated in Wednesday’s board meeting. “It only contributes to an atmosphere of suspicion and lack of leadership.”

With seemingly contradictory information now swirling about how Smith was allegedly asked and refused to exit the Dolby Theatre after striking Rock, the efforts by the nearly 50-member Board of Governors to find an appropriate solution to the situation by its next April 18 scheduled meeting could be fracturing based on news of Rubin and Hudson’s March 29 virtual meeting with Smith. The King Richard Oscar for Best Actor winner: At least 15 days notice must be given as of yesterday prior to the vote about his violations and sanctions. A written response will be required.

“What else don’t we know about what’s happening or what happened on Sunday?”Another Academy member well-placed spoke out about the interaction between Smith and Hudson.

“This lack of transparency undermines our ability to come to a suitable resolution to the whole thing,”The AMPAS member was added.  

Rubin and Hudson heard Smith’s apology out out over how he lost it over Rock’s “G.I. Jane 2” joke over Jada Pinkett Smith’s bald head. Hudson and Rubin informed Smith of a meeting with Governors to discuss the appropriate punitive actions against Oscar-winning actress Jada Pinkett Smith. King Richard Best Actor.

Yesterday, the Board of Governors met and unanimously agreed to investigate Smith’s altercation. The Oscar winner’s disciplinary actions will be decided at the next Board of Governors meeting, April 18. This could lead to suspension, expulsion, and other sanctions as permitted by the Bylaws or Standards of Conduct. While Smith could potentially be expelled from AMPAS, many sources don’t believe he’ll lose his Oscar.

AMPAS issued a statement Wednesday saying, “While we would like to clarify that Mr. Smith was asked to leave the ceremony and refused, we also recognize we could have handled the situation differently.”

However, those close to Smith on Sunday night say that he was never asked directly by anyone associated with AMPAS to leave the Dolby Theatre; rather the idea was floated to the actor by Oscar brass via Smith’s publicist.

Will Packer is among the Oscar high-ups who first spoke publicly about what happened Good Morning AmericaFriday morning

That interview was teased tonight with Packer revealing details about the LAPD’s conversation with Rock on Sunday night.

“They were saying, ‘This is battery.’ That was the word they used in that moment,”Packer explained GMA‘s T.J. Holmes. “They said, ‘We will go get him. We are prepared. We will go get him right now. You can press charges. We can arrest him. They were laying out the options. And as they were talking, Chris was, he was being very dismissive of those options. He was like, ‘No, I’m fine. He was like no, no, no. And even to the point where I said, ‘Rock, let them finish. The LAPD officers finish laying out what his options were. And they said, ‘Would you like us to take any action? And he said no.”

Smith representatives and the Academy declined to comment.

Variety reports first on Tuesday’s call between Smith and Oscar bosses.

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