Will Jeopardy Pick Ken Jennings Or Mayim Bialik As Next Permanent Host? Fans Have A Big Theory For Each

Will Jeopardy Pick Ken Jennings Or Mayim Bialik As Next Permanent Host? Fans Have A Big Theory For Each

It’s been over a year since iconic Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek passed away from pancreatic cancer, and while a lot of people have had a lot of opinions on who his permanent replacement should be, a single candidate has yet to rise to the surface. The two top picks seem to be the duo tapped for co-hosting duties through the end of Season 38. The Big Bang Theory actress and real-life neuroscientist Mayim Bialik and former Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings have been passing the baton back and forth while the powers that be seek a more permanent solution. But some fans think a decision has already been made.

Nothing’s been announced to the public, but Jeopardy! fans are as smart and observant as they are passionate, and they’re questioning some moves that have been happening around the semi-permanent hosts that might hint at who is getting the promotion to full time — they just don’t agree on which one it is. Mayim Bialik or Ken Jennings? Let’s take a look at each theory supporting fans’ suspicions that the Jeopardy! host search has come to a close.

Fans Think Mayim Bialik Has Been Chosen As ‘The Host Of Jeopardy!’

Is it possible that announcer Johnny Gilbert has been telling us the answer all along? Fans who have seen both Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings host episodes in the current season picked up on a difference in the way they’re introduced. Gilbert announces that Ken Jennings is “hosting Jeopardy!” while he welcomes Bialik as “the host of Jeopardy!” Fans on Twitter have asked if the discrepancy means a decision has already been made:

So why is Ken Jennings ‘hosting’ Jeopardy, and Mayim is announced as ‘the host of Jeopardy? Asking for a friend. Something you’ve already decided?

The most reasonable answer to the question seems to be that Mayim Bialik was already hired as a host, back when she was chosen to share duties with since-fired executive producer Mike Richards. Why, then, has executive producer Michael Davies and all involved remained tight-lipped about answering fans’ questions?

Mayim Bialik said she “would love” to continue to host the classic quiz show past its current season and even has received the blessing of Alex Trebek’s family to do so. However, others think the pendulum is swinging in the other direction.

Fans Think Ken Jennings Is Clearing His Schedule

Ken Jennings, arguably Jeopardy!’s most famous champion and inarguably the record-holder for most consecutive games won, was the first guest host to take over following Alex Trebek’s death. Many fans — and at least one former champion — threw their support behind Jennings to get the full-time gig, as it was believed that’s who Trebek would have chosen. However, the trivia master had other obligations, as he appeared on The Chase with other former Jeopardy! greats James Holzhauer and Brad Rutter.

With the recent news that Ken Jennings is leaving The Chase, some Twitter users thought this might be a sign that he’s clearing his schedule for another position:

Ken, please let this mean that you’re going to be the permanent host of regular season game play @Jeopardy! As much as I enjoy you on @thechaseabc, you have done an excellent job hosting Jeopardy!, and I would be thrilled to see you hosting it each weekday permanently! 💗💗💗

The timing certainly is interesting, with Season 38 of Jeopardy! set to wrap in July and a host announcement expected soon thereafter. Perhaps Ken Jennings knows more than he lets on about his future with the game show.

Will Ken Jennings And Mayim Bialik Continue To Co-Host?

There’s also the chance that both of the above scenarios are correct. When Mayim Bialik was hired, she was assigned to primetime episodes and tournaments, while MIke Richards was to handle the daytime. It’s possible that Ken Jennings could simply fill the daytime role, and Bialik would return to the role she originally signed on for. Only time will tell, but it’s fun to see the fans’ passion for their favorite host candidate.

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