Will Ferrell unveils new podcasts ‘The Big Sexy Interview Show with Michael Bolton’

Will Ferrell has become a big player in the fledgling podcast world and he’s just getting started.

During a keynote interview at the Podcast Movement Evolutions event, where he was interviewed by Conal Byrne, CEO of the iHeart Digital Audio Group, which is partners on Ferrell’s Big Money Players Network podcast company, he unveiled a pair of new shows.

This includes The Big Sexy Interview Show With Michael BoltonA standup comedy series and a comedy series The Feed.

The Big Sexy Interview Show With Michael BoltonIt comes from Lonely Island. The troupe is run by Andy Samberg and Akiva Schaffer. It follows Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day SpecialA Netflix special featuring the crooner, and also produced in part by the former SNL trio.

The FeedFerrell describes this as “inside baseball”The podcast, consists of a group comedians who take over a podcast feed and share their stand-up. It is edited by Ferrell Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers.

“I believe it’s 10 different comedians we’ve selected from a wide spectrum, and they’re all getting their own mini shows and some of its scripted and some of its not,”Ferrell.

Byrne added, “You basically launch an RSS that becomes a stage that you hand over to comedians for weeks at a time.”

The Anchorman star said that it’s about “paying it forward”.  He also said that his company, which has series including, was behind it. The Ron Burgundy Podcast Podcast by Nikki GlaserAmong others, was the continuing to solicit ideas.

In 2019, the Big Money Players Network was established.

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