Wife Reveals How Her Husband Went To McDonald’s While She Was In Labor

A mother shared her horrible experience in labor as her partner decided to go to McDonald’s and risk missing the birth of their child. Birthing a child can be one of the most wonderful things in the world. However, it is not always easy. Others would argue that it’s a difficult experience.

A TikTok user shares her experience with childbirth. | Source: tiktok.com/athome_withjaxon


Many pregnant women want their partners to support them throughout pregnancy and childbirth. However, one mom had it tough as her partner was quite insensitive during her time of need. TikTok user @athome_withjaxon shared her experience in labor:

“He went to McDonald’s, came back, ate his McDonald’s in front of me because I wasn’t allowed to eat in case I had a c-section.” The woman was undoubtedly very hungry at that point and had to watch the man devour a delicious McDonald’s meal.

Although the man got back in time for the childbirth, he ended up missing it anyway after dozing off while she got a c-section. She said: “He then went and fell asleep in the waiting room when I went down for a c-section, and my dad was then my birthing partner. That’s what it is for me!”

Wife Reveals How Her Husband Went To McDonald's While She Was In Labor

The woman’s video has since gone viral with nearly 100,000 views and several comments of TikTok users reacting to her story and sharing their own. Some of the mothers resonated with the woman’s experience and revealed that their partners fell asleep in the hospital as well.

Another shared, “It’s when he gagged when asked if he wanted to cut the cord and held her for 2 secs giving her back cause he needed a smoke cause stress [sic].” There are many ways to comfort a partner while giving birth; among them is to be prepared for what may come such that a man will be ready for hunger and possibly sleepless nights.

It is a great idea to bring snacks, drinks, and extra clothing for the mom who is giving birth. Unexpected events can occur during childbirth that you may not be aware of.

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