Why was Princess Diana’s wedding dress wrinkled?

Royal weddings are meticulously planned, down to the last detail. From the music to play before the ceremony, to the seating arrangement for the church, it all goes smoothly. But one thing was left out. Princess Diana’s big day, which led to a wrinkled wedding gown.

Diana’s Dress Details

Diana’s wedding dress was designed by Elizabeth and David Emmanuel, and it is remembered for its huge sleeves and a train that clocked in at 25 feet. It was made from ivory taffeta, with 10,000 pearls and lace.

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All those extra bits sewn onto the dress, plus the lengthy train, meant Diana’s dress weighed a lot. An average wedding dress weighs 6 pounds. However, 10,000 pearls would add weight. The exact weight has not been disclosed, however. some estimate that the princess’s gown weighed about 20 pounds.

It seemed like every last detail surrounding Diana’s dress was meticulously planned out, but one question—the most-Googled question about the princess’s dress—remains: why was Princess Diana’s dress creased?

Why was her wedding dress wrinkled?

It’s quite simple. Although Diana wore it for rehearsal, the designers did not consider her carriage ride with her father. The designers also lost track of how large the dress was; the princess kept asking for an even longer train.

Diana’s dress is thought of as one of the most iconic wedding dresses ever, so it makes sense that many people would want to see it in person. Unfortunately, there are very few chances to see it in person.

Are You Looking for the Right Dress?

For a few years the wedding gown was on display at Althorp House where the princess was buried. Then it was taken on tour for the Diana: A Celebration exhibit. It didn’t stay part of the exhibit for long, though.

The dress is now owned by Prince William (and Prince Harry). Diana’s will stipulated that her personal belongings be given to her sons once they both turned 30. The gown was displayed at Kensington Palace again from June 2021 through January 2022 as part of an exhibit called “The Last Show”. Royal Style in The Making. Diana’s slightly crumpled wedding dress just goes to show that, even with a whole team of royal wedding planners, the little details can still fall through the cracks.

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