Why Kenny Rogers Had Regrets About His Plastic Surgery

Why Kenny Rogers Had Regrets About His Plastic Surgery

As he got older, Kenny Rogers admitted he felt the need to revamp himself to compete with younger newcomers in the music scene. In his 2013 memoir “Luck or Something Like It,” Rogers revealed that he started thinking about making over his image for fear that his time in the business would be “limited” if he didn’t make a change (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet).

Rogers saw a top surgeon to perform procedures on his eyes and a lift of the eyelids. In 2006, Rogers told People he wasn’t pleased with the results of his eye job. “I’m not happy about it,” He admitted it. “(The surgeon) is going to go in and fix that for me. They’re too tight around the eyelids for me. It drives me crazy. If we can fix that, then I’ll be glad I did it. If we can’t fix it, I’ll regret it or get used to it.”

In a 2012 sit-down with “CBS This Morning,” Rogers admitted that his decision to have surgery was partly out of boredom and partly to change his image during a career lull. “I had the money to do it and I had time off,” He said. “And, I regret that, but the truth is, I don’t know what I would have looked like if I hadn’t done it.”

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