Why did Xu Ziyin leave Girls Planet 999, singer’s IG post sparks worry

Girls Planet 999 contestant Xu Ziyin, the Chinese singer who ranked 8th after the second elimination, has left the Mnet survival show. Shocked fans shared their worries on social media after an Instagram post explained why Xu Ziyin left the show.

The second elimination of Girls Planet 999 took place on September 24th where 27 participants survived out of 54, including three trainees who got Planet Pass from the judges. Xu Ziyin was the last and 8th C-group trainee who survived through the votes.

In the show, Ziyin thanked her fans for the outpouring support and said, “This is so unexpected. I never thought I’d be rank 8. Thanks so much for giving me this chance. I’ll try even harder to show you my best. Thank you!”

Why did Xu Ziyin leave Girls Planet 999, singer’s Instagram post explained

Xu Ziyin, one of the most popular K-pop trainees of Girls Planet 999, withdrew her participation overnight. The Chinese singer, who previously appeared on two survival shows ‘The Next Top Bang’ and ‘Youth With You 2’, shared her health concerns as the reason for leaving the show.

Also known as Roada Xu, the 25-year-old actress and singer shared, “Due to my recent health concerns, I have made the hard decision to leave the recording of <girls planet 999> after much careful consideration and discussion.

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the program staff and the mentors for their caring and masters during the journey. Also, I would like to thank girls from GP999 for all the happy moments we spent together.”


She concluded the touching post by thanking her fans for their support. “it’s because of your love and support that made my stay in Korea much joyful and meaningful. It is with much regret that I wasn’t able to stay until the end of the program and this journey needs to be halted.”

At the end of her post, she also assured fans that her goals have not changed. She wrote, “Nonetheless, my goals and directions have become just clearer and strides ahead firmer. Thanks everyone for your attention during this period. I will do my best to see you sooner with a refreshed and improved self. Love you guys all.”

Fans slam Mnet for not showcasing her full potential

Fans are worried about Ziyin’s health after seeing her Instagram post. However, even before she announced her withdrawal, many took to Twitter to slam Mnet for not giving her proper screentime.

A worried fan shared, “What?! It said Xu Ziyin had to step down from #GirlsPlanet999 due to a health issue. I hope she is okay. She was one of my underrated faves.”

Another outraged fan wrote, “Xu Ziyin is one of those trainees who didn’t get a fair screentime and she didn’t even appear on some episodes sometimes but Ziyin still managed to survive and thats scary. Imagine the power she holds if mnet gave her the screentime she deserves and a storyline!”

“Ziyin looks so emotionless tonight. for someone who watched YWY2, I know how talkative Ziyin can be. she always looked excited and happy regardless what rank she got. but I don’t know. I just want her to go home than getting false hope of debuting in Korea,” added another.

A third fan mourned her withdrawal saying, “it’s so sad that Ziyin left the show without being able to showcase her full potential!”

A fourth fan noted, “I’m finding comfort with the thought that Ziyin left the show loved and adored by her dongsaengs (younger sisters). They might not have shown her interactions with them, but I know not only us, Routuans, and Ziyin were devastated by her departure. She will always be remembered as an amazing unnie (older sister).”

Missing Xu Ziyin already? Watch one of her Girls Planet 999 stages below. Tell us your thoughts @HITCculture.

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