Why did Netflix cancel Bonding? | No return path to Season 3

The American dark comedy television show “Bonding” that was initially released on Netflix stands canceled after 2 seasons. This means the show will not be returning for a Season 3. But, why did Netflix really cancel Bonding? All you need to know is right here, so read on.

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Starring Zoe Levin, Brendan Scannell, Micah Stock, Theo Stockman and Nana Mensah, Bonding speaks the story of Tiffany alias Tiff, a psychology student moonlighting as a dominatrix. She gets help from Pete, her gay best friend to be her assistant. Across two seasons, we see their struggles and liberation.

Bonding is said to be made loosely based on the personal experience of the series creator Rightor Doyle. With the different take on the theme of the comedy series, Bonding did attract quite a bit of controversy since its release.

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Why did Netflix cancel Bonding? 

Bonding premiered in April 2019 with its first season. Seven episodes later, the sex comedy series was renewed for a season 2 and released in January 2021. But Bonding did invite some controversies from the BDSM community for the level of inaccuracy featured in the series. Doyle responded to the negative criticisms the first season received by stating he would listen to the BDSM community and fix the inaccuracies while returning Bonding for Season 2. But Season 2 never stuck with the viewers. Although Bonding Season 2 closed at 8 episodes, the show never made it to the top charts in the U.S.

With a lot of competition on the grounds, it’s hard for dark comedies to reach the viewers and create their spaces. From what we know, the return of Bonding Season 3 never made it to the planning phase.

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When did Netflix cancel Bonding?

According to Deadline, Netflix cancelled Bonding in July 2021 along with a few other comedy series, not aimed at families. Season 3 for Bonding will not be returning to the disappointment of the fans who enjoyed the series. But, it’s said that Rightor Doyle will be seen working on other projects for Netflix sooner or later.

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