Why CSI: Vegas is Still Not Done with Max Despite Her Suspension

Why CSI: Vegas is Still Not Done with Max Despite Her Suspension

The stakes are increasing. CSI: VegasThe first season was a success. Its final phase, which should decide Hodges’ fate after being framed. Anson Wix is now the probable culprit. The team has Anson Wix, a corrupt attorney, in their sights. Wix pulled strings to stop them. How to suspend MaxShe will be leaving her job. She’ll no longer be able to function as the kind of ally to Sara and Grissom as she was before, but according to one star, the show isn’t done with Max’s story.

After all, Max hasn’t dedicated her life to forensics and then pledged her support in finding the truth in The case against HodgesJust to be suspended! Matt Lauria who plays Josh Folsom is on the CSIPreviewed revival TV Lovers what’s next for Max as the mystery keeps unfolding:

Max trusts Josh, and takes me to places she isn’t supposed to. She isn’t supposed to be working. She is unable to help herself. It is admirable that Max has a strong moral compass and is committed to doing what is right. Josh loves Max’s willingness to take on any risk to do the right thing. Josh loves Max. Max is admired by Josh. She is like an older sister. She is intelligent and strong morally. Josh was blessed to be with someone like her and to be able trust each other to express their opinions.

Matt Lauria explained that Max brings Josh into her plan in the episode that airs on November 24, and it’s probably safe to say that she makes a good choice in trusting him. He has been loyal and respectful to his boss all season, and her willingness to take risks if that’s what’s necessary to follow the evidence certainly sets a strong example. He probably won’t make any friends among the people in Wix’s pocket if he’s caught, but could be a valuable ally as Max continues working… even when she’s supposed to be out of the case. 

Take into account CSI: Vegas hasn’t actually been airing for very long despite its status as the next chapter In the very long-term CSI franchiseThe show had to quickly build relationships between its new characters. They were a well-oiled machine before Sara and Grissom showed up, and Matt Lauria elaborated on how the bond between that original group affects Josh’s decisions as the season winds down. 

My family is Max’s family if Max is in danger. Max and Allie make up my family, and to a degree, Chris too. Chris is a great person. He has become my younger brother and brother-in-arms. Josh will always intervene and compromise if there is any kind of trouble with the family.

We will see if Josh can get away with making compromises. Even with Max’s suspension, the whole team could be under close scrutiny, and there may be no way of continuing the investigation into Wix without tipping just about everybody off that he’s the target. However, I believe this team has the potential to make some amazing scientific discoveries on a case, without divulging the game. Folsom and Allie’s discoveries are a good example. It could go horribly and horribly wrongIf Hodges is convicted, and all of the criminals are freed, Wix could be caught. The difference between death and lifeFor many innocent people. 

The Season Finale is We are still some weeks awayHowever, you can still tune in to CBS Wednesdays at 10:05 p.m. ET to see new episodes CSI: Vegas. The show Won the 10 p.m. hour in the ratings in the same episode that delivered Max’s suspension, and it should be interesting to see if that can happen again. CSI: Vegas isn’t facing It is the most feared competitor with NBC’s Chicago P.D.This is your chance to shine after a few weeks.

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