Why are people wearing suits to minions?

Move over Dr Michael Morbius, it’s Gru’s turn to bask in the limelight of movie meme culture.

The Minions, which were printed on everything from socks and T-shirts since Despicable Me’s release in 2010, have been an unavoidable part of popular culture.

Illumination has been very successful with this franchise, and several sequels have been created over the years. In 2015, Minions received their own spinoff and now it’s time to release their sequel.

Minions: The Rise Of Gru was released in theatres Friday, July 1, 2022. However, if you’re expecting to see a sea of families at your screening, you may be surprised when a large group of smartly dressed teens are cheering the film on as the lights go down.

The Gentleminions trend has swept TikTok – but why are people wearing suits to Minions, exactly?

The Gentleminions TikTok Trend explained

Numerous TikToks have featured large numbers of mostly teenage boys in full-length suits, flocking to screenings Minions: The Rise Of Gru and spawning the Gentleminions Instagram hashtag.

They were shown holding their fingers together in a sophisticated way, heading into the film and cheering as it ends.

This trend is so popular that it has been called “The Trend”. ColliderReports indicate that some theatres have adopted a new admissions policy. One example of such a rule is:

“Customer Notice: We are currently not admitting unaccompanied children wearing suits for ‘Minions: The Rise Of Gru’ (U). This is due to the issues we have encountered over the last two days and its associated behaviour. Thank you.”

As the trend has grown worldwide, there are many variations of this customer notice.

The Rise Of Gru: People in suits are now Minions.

It’s all in the name of good fun and having a laugh. Someone is always inventing a new TikTok trend, and Gentleminions was one of them.

The popularity of a movie is based on its appeal to young and family audiences.

Wearing a suit to go to see a film like Minions is jarring and unexpected; that’s why so many are finding it hilarious. There are many memes associated with the franchise, including those that love Minions and those that find them irritating.

Although its exact origins are not known, someone has a saying. “wouldn’t it be funny if we wore suits to go see the new Minions” seems to be the culprit and, as you can tell, it’s taken off big time.

Wearing suits to go see, say, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom just doesn’t sound ridiculous enough.

Minions and the Rise of Gru Official Trailer| Official Trailer



Minions: The Rise of Gru Official Trailer| Official Trailer






‘I love being Gen Z’

Below, you can see a series of tweets that illustrate the scale of the Gentleminions Trend.

Minions: The Rise of Gru will now be shown exclusively in theatres

In other news: Here’s the voice cast for The Rise of Gru, which features the Minions.

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