Who Was Sean Murray’s Favorite Guest Star On NCIS?

Who Was Sean Murray's Favorite Guest Star On NCIS?

With each new episode, “NCIS” typically follows an investigation into a new case, meaning there’s been a slew of individual suspects and witnesses over the years. So with just about 20 years’ worth of episodes, “NCIS” has had quite a few famous Hollywood faces stop by. In fact, IMDb has every single guest role in the series cast in a seemingly never-ending list, but there’s been a few more memorable stars to make the list. For one, there was Zac Efron, who guest-starred in a Season 3 episode right before reaching “High School Musical” fame. Then there’s Jamie Lee Curtis as Leroy Jethro Gibbs’s girlfriend in a five-episode stint in Season 9. But out of the hundreds of guest stars who have cropped up on “NCIS,” Sean Murray has mentioned a few standouts.

In an interview with WHOSAY, Murray was asked if he had any favorite guest stars on “NCIS.” He replied, “We’ve had so many really great … one of my favorite recurrences is Robert Wagner as Anthony DiNozzo Sr.” He continued, “Having Lily Tomlin play grandmother was really amazing … Lily Tomlin is just such incredible talent, it’s beyond words.” Murray also mentions Bob Newhart before saying, “You get really surprised to see some of the cool people that show up.” Given the stars’ “NCIS” roles and their legendary careers, it’s no surprise why Murray named them his favorites.

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