Who is the winner in The Gray Man’s? Ryan Gosling’s Six vs Chris Evans’ Lloyd


The Gray Man has arrived, and the talents aboard this lavish action vehicle make it one of the most interesting Netflix projects this year.

The Russo Brothers are the director-executive duo at the helm. Anthony and Joe directed. Avengers: Infinity War EndgameThese are two of the most important blockbusters of all-time.

Few filmmakers have ever worked with such a grand canvas and fans were thrilled to learn that they were remaining in the realm of high-budget spectacle with an adaptation of Mark Greaney’s 2009 novel of the same name.

Ryan Gosling plays the central role.Drive) as “Sierra Six” facing off against Chris Evans’ (Captain America Winter Soldier) villain Lloyd Hansen.

Six discovers agency secrets that are dangerous and Lloyd is assigned to take him out. Who wins in The Gray Man’s favor?


Who is the winner in The Gray Man’s Game? The end explained

Ryan Gosling’s Sierra Six ultimately comes out on top and Chris Evans’ Lloyd Hansen is killed in a climactic fight sequence. However, it’s not Six who kills hum but Suzanne Brewer (Jessica Henwick), the deputy of Denny Carmichael (Regé-Jean Page).

Six and Dani Mirdana, Ana de Armas’ Dani Mirdana, rescue Claire (Julia Butters), a niece of Donald Fitzroy (Billy Bob Thornton). Donald, however, sacrifices his life so that the others may escape.

Then again, his efforts don’t prevent a tense final showdown between Six and Lloyd, which takes place in a water fountain. Throwing punches, the fight is obviously in Six’s favour as he gradually beats Lloyd defenceless.

Suzanne shoots Lloyds, then Six, in the leg. She explains that she’ll pin all of the evil wrongdoings that Six is now aware of solely on Lloyd. After all, a dead man can’t defend himself. She and her bosses can get away with it all.

Six is kept quiet when Suzanne takes Claire to CIA custody. He goes back to prison but the final scene shows that he’s escaped as he rescues Claire and they head off into an uncertain future.

Official Trailer for The Gray Man| Official Trailer



Official Trailer for The Gray Man| Official Trailer






‘We love the world’

Six and Claire’s triumphant getaway opens up those double doors to a sequel and franchise potential.

Although Netflix nor the Russo brothers have confirmed a follow-up, there are over ten books in Mark Greaney’s series of The Gray Man novels. There is so much source material that you can adapt.

The directors also shared their thoughts recently InsiderThat “the hope is that it’s commercially successful and that the audience loves it,” before revealing they’d like to helm another:

“We have to see how the audience responds. We loved making it. We love the character. We love the world. We would love to make another one as filmmakers because we liked swimming in it.”

We’ll simply have to wait and see…

Mark Greaney’s The Gray Man books

You can check out a chronological list of the author’s The Gray Man novel series below:

  • The Gray Man (2009)
  • Target (2010)
  • Ballistic (2011)
  • Dead Eye (2013)
  • Back Blast (2016)
  • Gunmetal Grey (2017)
  • Agent in Place (2018)
  • Mission Critical (2019).
  • One Minute Out (2020).
  • Relentless (2021).
  • Sierra Six (2022)

The twelfth book – Burner – will be released in 2023.

The Gray Man can now be viewed exclusively on Netflix.

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