Who dies at Extraction 2, and why? What happens to Tyler, Yaz and Nik?

Tyler Rake, his team featuring Yaz, Nik and Nik face a number of dangers in Extraction 2. But who will die at the end?

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Extraction 2*

Tyler Rake, star of the Netflix action franchise Extraction and starring Chris Hemsworth is on his second dangerous rescue mission.

Like 2020’s first film, Extraction 2 sees Tyler and his allies, including Yaz and Nik, face their fair share of danger but who, if anyone, dies by the end of the action-packed adventure?

The plot and release date for Extraction 2.

Netflix launched Extraction 2 in 2023 on the 16th of June.

Following on from the events of 2020’s film, which arrived just as the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, Extraction 2 continues the story of Tyler Rake after his near-fatal exploits in India.

This time, however, Rake’s mission is far more personal as he is tasked with reducing his ex-wife’s sister Ketevan and her children who have been imprisoned by a Georgian gangster in one of the deadliest prisons in the world.

Rake, along with Nik and Yaz must enter hostile territory to finish his mission. But the odds are against him.

What happens in Extraction 2?

Extraction 2, a film that is based on the novel by Yaz, has three deaths. Yaz, Davit, and Zurab are the two villainous brothers.

Tyler Rake is attempting to free his ex-sister in law Ketevan along with her two daughters, Sandro, and Nina.

Davit Radiani alerts prison officials to the escape and the riot begins. Tyler and Ketevan are responsible for the brutal killing of Davit. Tyler stabbed him in the throat and Ketevan delivered the last blow with a spade.

After escaping the prison, the group head to a safe house in Vienna but Sandro, furious at the death of his father, contacts his uncle and Davit’s brother, Zurab, to enact revenge.

Zurab’s attack is a fierce one and leaves Yaz shaken as Rake and his team attempt to flee once again. But as they make a run for a helicopter to get away, Zurab shoots Yaz in the back and he dies shortly afterwards in Rake’s arms.

Tyler, Nik and Rake regroup in his Austrian cabin. They receive word that Zurab holds Sandro as a prisoner.

Zurab was killed after a fierce fight between Rake and Zurab. Zurab, who had been stabbed by Tyler several times vows to not give up and Rake kills him with a shot in the head.

Nik is left severely wounded in the final fight and falls unconscious in Tyler’s arms, leaving viewers to fear that she is about to die as well.

The final scenes of the movie reveal Nik survived after being transported to the hospital.

Tyler, of course, manages to survive the events of Extraction 2 despite several brushes with death in the movie’s many action scenes. Tyler ends up in jail after his violent actions catch up with.

But that isn’t the end of Tyler’s story as he has one final meeting with Idris Elba’s mysterious stranger, who is named in the credits as Alcott, who proposes that Rake comes to work for his shadowy organization.

Does Tyler’s dog die?

No, dog lovers will be relieved to know that Tyler’s canine companion doesn’t die or get harmed in Extraction 2.

After being reunited with Rake at the start of the film, the adorable pooch remains at Tyler’s secluded Austrian hideaway when the deadly operative heads back out into the field.

However, the fate of the chickens that Tyler has recently adopted is less clear as Rake’s dog may have been left home alone with the birds and will almost certainly get hungry – that is unless Tyler has either left food out or has found someone to take care of his animals while he’s away.

Now you can stream Extraction 2. Netflix After releasing Friday, 16 June 2023.

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