Whitney Houston Abused And Dionne Warwick won’t forgive people who claim her Sister Abusing!

Dee Dee Warwick was once accused of molesting Whitney Houston, and the late singer’s sister, Dionne Warwick, reveals she’ll never forgive those who made those claims.

Marie Jones, Whitney Houston’s personal assistant, claimed a shocking statement in a self-titled documentary. According to her, she claims that Dee Dee Warwick, her cousin, and sister to Dionne Warwick, molested the singer.

During an interview with People about her entire life while promoting her album “She’s Back,” Warwick claims that she is still angry about the claims made against her sister, who died in 2008.

Dionne Warwick, a musician, attends the 88th Hollywood Christmas Parade.

Whitney Houston Abused And Dionne Warwick won't forgive people who claim her Sister Abusing!


During the interview, Dionne couldn’t help but feel angry at those who had accused her of doing this to her sister. She

“All I can say about Dee Dee is that she was a loving, caring, giving person. What was depicted of her is absolutely untrue and something I will never forgive.”


Whitney’s mother Cissy, a former Miss Houston, wanted to clear Dee Dee’s names. Published Dionne signed a statement declaring that Dee Dee was wrongly accused by her assistant.

She said in the statement that neither Whitney nor Dee Dee was available to deny, refute or affirm the allegations. Dionne, her son Michael and Dionne also said that they cannot speak to the claims as they’ve never heard anything similar.


Dionne, who admitted that she tried to keep herself from answering any of the questions about the matter previously, decided to speak out. However, she’s had enough and decided to say that it’s “totally hogwash.”

The singer stated that her sister was a loving and caring person who would never harm a child, particularly one in their family. She calls everyone who tried to paint a negative picture of her sister “evil, “Even though she is dead, they continue to make her look terrible in public.


Marie Dionne Warwick was born on December 12, 1940. Dionne has enjoyed a long and successful career as a singer. Although she started singing in the 1960s, many of her biggest hits were recorded in the 1980s.

Next, she worked hard on hits like “Friends In Love,” “Heart Breaker, “And the number one song “That’s What Friends Are For.”Her career was not perfect. She was charged with not paying $10 million in taxes.

Cannes Doc: Whitney Houston was molested in Cannes by Dee Dee Warwick https://t.co/gUsTjjvJr2 pic.twitter.com/aC7CYsD0TQ

— WTOP (@WTOP) May 18, 2018,


She declared bankruptcy in 2013, claiming that she had $1000 cash and $1500 personal property. Dionne was a more recent example. Hosted A virtual birthday celebration was held for her 80th birthday in December 2020. It worked documentary about her life, called “Don’t Make Me Over.”

Dionne shared that she has the energy she needs to perform at her age because she loves what it is she does. Dionne also said that her hits are her greatest joys. “babies,” She admitted that she still enjoys singing all of them.

In terms of her personal life, she is still close to Damon and David, her grown-up sons who have followed her into the entertainment industry. She remains close to Gladys Knight, Leslie Uggams and Patti LaBelle, who are also her fellow stars.

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