Which locations were used to film Wedding Season? Locations of Netflix Filming Sites Explored

Netflix is an entertainment platform that can be enjoyed as a hobby. You’re hit with unsettling yet compelling documentaries, unnerving horror efforts, action blockbusters and much more. Some days, you just keep on scrolling, only in the hopes that you’ll stumble upon a lovely rom-com.

The streaming service offers many iconic titles from sub-genres. Not only that, but they continue to offer new ones so you don’t have to opt for repeat viewing every time you’re in the mood to be charmed off your feet and onto the sofa.

Wedding Season is the most recent to be cherished

Directed by Tom Dey and starring Suraj Sharma, we’re introduced to Asha and Ravi, two singletons who are pressured by their parents to find partners. In an attempt to create the illusion that they are seeking love, they pretend they are dating in a summer full of weddings and other events. But, it turns out that romance is closer than they think.

It’s a lovingly performed piece of work with filming locations to leave you head over heels. I wonder where Wedding Season was filmed.

Is this where the Wedding Season was filmed?

The entire Wedding Season was film in New Jersey. However, it was shot in Ontario, an east-central Canadian province bordering the United States.

More precisely, Get distractedReports indicate that the film was mainly shot in Greater Toronto Area.

Principal photography began in April 2021, and was completed that June. COVID-19 safety protocols were also enforced.

The Greater Toronto Area is a region that includes Toronto, as well as other regional municipalities such as Peel, Durham and Halton. However, Toronto proved to be the foremost and central hub for the film’s production.

The CinemaholicReports state that the crew established a base at Avenue Diner, 222 Davenport Road.

The most important wedding sequences were captured at Cambium Farms located at 18333 Winston Churchill Boulevard in Caledon. This is a town in Peel’s Regional Municipality. The venue can be viewed online. Visit the official website. You can also check out the facilities and upcoming events. Contact information is also available.

‘I would move to Toronto’

Speak with NarcoticsSuraj Sharma, the central star of the film, opened up about filming.

“Oh my god, it was a great time. We had the best time. And the thing is, it was during COVID and Canada has been good with its COVID procedures. The people were nice, the weather was great, the food was amazing, the coffee we had was amazing. We used to go to these parks. We had the best time. I mean, personally, I love Toronto.”

He also added: “It was such a warm place to shoot a movie and I think we’re lucky to be shooting there… I would move to Toronto.”

Official Trailer for Wedding Season| Official Trailer



Official Trailer| Official Trailer






Toronto: More Trips

Culture TripAccording to reports, the following movies were shot in Toronto:

  • American Psycho
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • Mean Girls
  • Orphan
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
  • The Time Traveller’s Wife
  • The Virgin Suicides

Netflix is streaming Wedding Season.

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