Which Celebs Have the Most Private Jet Miles? #1 Might Surprise You

Celebrities are increasingly choosing private jets for their travel needs. Kylie JennerRecently, she was criticized for a 17-minute flight on her private plane. Though she and her equally famous sisters are often in the news for their frequent jet use, it’s another celebrity who holds the dubious distinction of creating the most CO2 emissions with their travels. 

Miles To Spare, But Who’s Racked Up The Most?

Kylie Jenner’s 17-minute private flight in her private jet brought attention to celebrity private jet usage. Although she took a hit on social media, Jenner’s private jet use doesn’t even crack the top ten biggest emitters of CO2 from private plane emissions. 

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Her 17-minute flight isn’t even one of the shortest flights on record, with billionaire Elon Musk sometimes taking flights that last under 5 minutes according to the Teen tracks his flights via Twitter

Both Jenner’s partner, Travis Scott, and her older sister Kim Kardashian appear on the top ten list of biggest CO2 emitters thanks to their frequent jet use, The TabFound. Scott has been in the air for 8,384 minutes (or 5.8 days) so far in 2022. 

The flights are not very long

He flew 7.31 miles on average, which is approximately a 10-minute drive. This year, he has flown 7.31 miles. The Tab estimates, Scott’s flights have generated 3,033.3 metric tonnes of carbon emissions. 

Kardashian, however, has generated 4,268.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide in the course if just 57 flights. With an average flight duration of almost 85 minutes and a distance of 99.78 miles, Kardashian’s average flight time is much higher. 

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The Voice’s Blake Shelton, Oprah, Mark Wahlberg and Alex Rodriguez are also on the list. It’s no surprise to find these names topping the list of frequent travelers. It would be surprising to see them not on the list due to their many business ventures, and different home locations. 

Other Memorable Moments

You might also see two other names in the top three. Jay-Z has taken a whopping 136 flights so far this year alone and no, he’s not touring. This equates to approximately two weeks on the ground and 6,981.3 tonnes CO2 emissions. 

Floyd Mayweather, a former boxer, is ranked second. He has taken the most flights of any celebrity and has the longest average flight time. He’s already taken 177 flights this year, with his average time in the sky coming in at just about 10 minutes. As a result, he’s emitted about 7,076.8 tonnes this year. 

Taylor Swift is the top pick

Surprisingly Taylor Swift is currently the largest CO2 emitter. She’s produced 8,293.54 tonnes of emissions this year alone thanks to 170 flights, withHer average flight lasting about 80 minutes for a total of 22,923 minutes, or almost 16 days, in the air. We suspect flights back and forth from the UK to visit her boyfriend Joe Alwyn have made up a significant portion of those flights since Swift hasn’t been touring this year.

Swift’s camp has responded to backlash over the news of her private jet use, explaining that she often loans or rents her jet out to friends to use. “Taylor’s jet is loaned out regularly to other individuals,” her Rep replied to the report, adding, “To attribute most or all of these trips to her is blatantly incorrect.”

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It is not unusual for one person to emit this much carbon, but it can happen to a large group. Even though this is the lowest end of the list, the CO2 that these celebrities produce is much higher than what an average person produces over a year.

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