Where To Watch Primal Online? Streaming & Renting Options

If you’re a fan of high-stakes action and a gripping storyline, “Primal” offers a wild ride that combines a big-game hunter, deadly animals, and a political assassin. To embark on this thrilling journey, let’s delve into where you can watch “Primal” and discover more about the film.

Where To Watch Primal Online?

how to watch Primal online


  • Availability: Streaming
  • Netflix subscribers can dive into the chaos of “Primal” with the convenience of on-demand streaming. Join the adventure on Netflix for an immersive experience.


  • Availability: Streaming, Rental, Purchase
  • DIRECTV provides multiple options for viewers. You can stream “Primal,” rent it, or purchase the movie directly through the platform.

Digital Purchase and Rental: Primal Streaming Options

Apple TV:

  • Availability: Purchase, Rent
  • Enjoy the flexibility of choosing whether to purchase or rent “Primal” on Apple TV. Dive into the suspenseful journey on your terms.

Amazon Video:

  • Availability: Purchase, Rent
  • Amazon Video offers the option to buy or rent “Primal.” Prime members may have additional benefits for accessing the film.

Microsoft Store:

  • Availability: Purchase, Rent
  • The Microsoft Store is a versatile platform where you can buy or rent “Primal” for your digital movie collection.


  • Availability: Purchase, Rent
  • Vudu provides a convenient way to access “Primal.” Choose to buy or rent the movie based on your preferences.

Google Play Movies & YouTube:

  • Availability: Purchase, Rent
  • Whether you prefer Google Play Movies or YouTube, both platforms offer “Primal” for purchase or rental. Pick the one that suits your streaming habits.

Overview of “Primal”:


“Primal” unfolds as a big-game hunter, played by Nicolas Cage, boards a Greek shipping freighter with a collection of exotic and dangerous animals from the Amazon. Among the cargo is a rare white Jaguar and a political assassin being transported secretly to the U.S. However, chaos ensues when the assassin escapes, setting free the captive and deadly animals, turning the ship into a battleground.


For an adrenaline-packed cinematic experience, “Primal” delivers a unique blend of suspense, action, and danger. Whether you prefer streaming on Netflix or opting for digital purchase or rental, various platforms offer you the chance to witness the thrilling events unfold. Choose your preferred mode of viewing, sit back, and brace yourself for the jungle chaos that is “Primal.”

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