Where is FBI: International Filmed?

Shows like FBI: International almost have to be filmed on location to feel as authentic as possible. And since the latest FBI spinoff takes place primarily in Budapest, Hungary, viewers might wonder where FBI: International is filmed.

The Fly Team, an FBI Special Agents who travel the world to stop bad guys and prevent them from coming to the United States, is the focus of the series.

FBI: International is partly based on the dangers that real-life Fly Team agents face. Like the two shows that came before it, FBI: International draws inspiration from real-life FBI agents, even if the stories and the characters themselves are fictional.

So, where is the FBI: International filmed?

Where is FBI: International Filmed?


Where is ‘FBI: International’ filmed?

According to Deadline, FBI: International was filmed in Budapest, where most of the series is set. The location was revealed by the outlet ahead of the September 2021 premiere. And it makes total sense for FBI: International to film primarily overseas since, in real life, the elite Fly Team also travels outside of the U.S. at the drop of a hat.

The Fly Team’s real-life headquarters are located all over the world.

FBI: International takes place mostly in Budapest. However, the Fly Team members must be available to travel wherever they are needed. To serve its agents best, the FBI has many offices around the globe.

And showrunner Derek Haas told Parade that “the FBI has 93 offices in embassies and military bases around the world.”

Omar Adom in 'FBI: International'


He added, “The FBI helps partner with host countries on solving crimes.”

While Season 1 was filmed in Budapest, it’s entirely possible that potential future seasons could take place and film in almost any other country. Since the real Fly Team is needed around the world, the fictional team of agents in FBI: International may see a similar demand.

Will there be an ‘FBI: International’ Season 2?

There hasn’t been an official word yet on whether there’s going to be a Season 2 of FBI: International. But since it’s part of a major franchise that includes FBI and FBI: Most Wanted, FBI: International already has a pretty cushy spot on the network.

A show that can piggyback on other shows’ success is usually considered a fighting chance. Just look at Station 19 from the same universe as Grey’s Anatomy.



As long as FBI: International attracts enough fans thanks to its time slot, it has a decent shot at remaining on the air for a while. Even though Tuesday night isn’t the most competitive night for primetime TV, it’s still a good chance.

Watch FBI: International on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.

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