Where Die Hard cast are now as Clarence Gilyard dies – from Love Actually star’s secret cancer battle to tragic illness

Despite being released in theatres in 1988 and lasting three decades, Die Hard is still one of the greatest action movies of all time.

Bruce Willis was made a superstar with this movie that ushered in a new era. However, there has been much debate about the validity of it being considered Christmas.

The action film was a worldwide hit in 1988


In 1988 the action film became a huge hit worldwideCredit to Ronald Grant Archive
Clarence Gilyard, who played a tech specialist in the movie, died this week after a long illness


Clarence Gilyard died after suffering a long battle with cancer. He was a tech expert in the film.Credit: Alamy/Rex Features

It centers on a New York detective police officer who is visiting his estranged spouse and daughters in Los Angeles Christmas Eve when he becomes embroiled in terrorist attacks against a skyscraper.

Clarence Gilyard (tech specialist Theo) has died at 66 after a lengthy battle with a chronic illness.

He played characters like Marcus throughout his career, which spanned more than 30 years. “Sundown” Williams in 1986’s Top Gun, which also starred Tom Cruise.

He also appeared in roles on TV in Matlock, 1989-1993 and Walker Texas Ranger, 1990s.

He also was also a professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’s theatre department.

We take a look at the fate of Die Hard’s castmates.

Bruce Willis and John McClane

The film was Bruce Willis' first action movie


Bruce Willis made this his first action film.Credit: Rex/Getty

Bruce Willis was able to play John McClane in this movie, which opened the door for many other roles in action films.

His cult films include Pulp Fiction and The Fifth Element, as well as Sin City.

Entertainment is the most popular genre.

Bruce has won several awards including a Golden Globe and two Primetime Emmy’s, and was named the eighth highest-grossing actor in a leading role in 2010.

This talented singer is also a musician and has three albums to his credit. He had an alter ego, Bruno Radolini, in the beginning of his career.

Bruce married Demi Moore in 1987 and they had three children together.

Bruce spoke out about his divorce and said that he believed he was failing as both a father-and-husband by not being capable of making the marriage work. However, the couple are still very close.

Brooke Burns became his wife in 2004, but they ended up getting divorced after 10 months.

He then married Emma Hemming (41) a British-American fashion model in a Caribbean wedding in 2009.

Now, they are the parents of two girls aged 10 and 8.

Earlier this year Bruce retired from acting after being diagnosed with aphasia, a disease which affects sufferers’ cognitive abilities.

It was acknowledged in the announcement “a really challenging time” He was added by Demi and his family on social media.

Alan Rickman – Hans Gruber

British actor Alan Rickman was the main antagonist in the movie


British actor Alan Rickman played the role of the antagonist in the movieCredit to Rex Features/Getty Images

Legendary British star, who was the ultimate villain in Die Hard, went on to appear in other movies as bad guys.

He had previously starred on several television shows and in stage plays before this.

His appearances in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Sweeney Todd as the evil Judge Turpin earned him a BAFTA.

Perhaps his best-known roles are in Love Actually, and Severus snape in Harry Potter films. He played this role for over ten years.

Alan won many other honors, such as an Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild.

He had to have a prostatectomy in 2006 due to an aggressive form of prostate carcinoma. However, he continued filming for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Production began in February 2006.

In 2015, Alan had a small stroke that led to him being diagnosed with pancreatic carcinoma. His closest friends were the only ones to know that it was serious.

His wife Rima Horton survived him and he died January 2016, at the age 69.

Bonnie Bedelia- Holly Gennero McClane

Bonnie Bedelia played John's wife Holly and still continues to act


Bonnie Bedelia, John’s wife Holly, was played by Bonnie Bedelia and continues to perform.Credit: Alamy/Shutterstock

Bonnie (now 74) had been acting since she was 20, with roles in TV and film.

She is an actor from her extended family. Kit Culkin is Kit’s brother, and he was the father of Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin. Kieran Culkin is Succession.

Bonnie subsequently appeared in movies Presumed Innocent & Needful Things, and she was a major character in TV dramas The Division Survivor and Parenthood.

In 1969, she married Ken Luber (scriptwriter) and had two children before they divorced in 1980.

She married actor Michael MacRae, after a second failed marriage to Jay Telfer (screenwriter and musician).

Alexander Godunov – Karl Vreski

Alexander Godunov died in 1995


Alexander Godunov passed away in 1995Credit to Rex Shutterstock

Russian-American actor Alexander was trained as a ballet dancer and played one terrorist. His own life is like a movie script.

While on tour with Bolshoi Ballet New York, he was born in Soviet Russia.

The KGB took revenge on his missing wife Lyudmila Vlasova who was also visiting the States and forced her to board a return flight back to Moscow.

Just before taking off, the plane was abruptly stopped. This led to US President Jimmy Carter’s involvement and Soviet leader Leonid Brzhnev.

Lyudmila decided to go back to Moscow on her own initiative, according to investigations. She was then allowed to leave.

Alexander continued to star in The Runestone and North movies, but he was discovered dead by a nurse in his house in May 1995 at the age of 45.

His death was attributed to chronic alcoholism, hepatitis complications and other causes.

Later, his first manager Loree Rodkin (ex-girlfriend) claimed that he “drank a bottle of vodka a day, minimum, from the time he was 14”.

Paul Gleason

Paul died from cancer in 2006


Paul was diagnosed with cancer and died in 2006.Credit: Alamy/Getty

Paul was Dr David Thornton for two years starting in 1976. He then went on to play the role of deputy chief police officer in Die Hard.

He appeared on one episode of Friends and had roles on TV, including Melrose Place and Seinfeld.

His final role was in 2011’s The Passing, where he played a police detective.

This movie was released five years after his 2006 death from pleural mysothelioma (a form of asbestos-related cancer) at the age of 67.

His dad may have given him exposure while he was working at building sites with his father as a teenager.

Reginald VelJohnson-Al Powell

Reginald gained acclaim for his role in Family Matters


Reginald was praised for his contribution to Family MattersCredit: Alamy/Getty

Reginald was 70 when he played a Chicago Policeman in the TV series Family Matters.

After that, he was offered roles on several smaller screen programs including Molly and Mike and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Known for playing law enforcement officials, he recently reprised his role as David Sutton in the remake of Turner & Hooch, a buddy cop action comedy series on Disney+.

He prefers to be private about his life, but there are rumors surrounding his sexuality that he isn’t confirming.

William Atherton- Richard Thornburg

His role in Die Hard remains one of his most notable to date


One of his most memorable roles in Die Hard is still to this dayCredit: Alamy/Getty

William’s performance as Richard Thornburg in Die Hard remains one of his most memorable to date.

Other film credits for him include The Pelican Brief and The Crow: Salvation.

He has also appeared in television series such as The Twilight Zone, Murder, She Wrote and Desperate Housewives.

Since 1980, he has been married to Bobbi Goldin and is an advocate for education.

William, who was appearing on Phil Donahue in 1981, said that he used to be homosexual but has since changed because of Aesthetic Realism. Eli Siegel founded the philosophy.

James Shigeta – Joseph Yoshinobu Takagi

James had embarked on a singing career in Japan and Australia before getting movie roles


James started singing in Japan and Australia, before he was offered roles in movies.Credit: Alamy/Shutterstock

James began his career as a singer in 1950 before he was cast in the part of Alan Rickman’s executive in Die Hard.

Following producers offering roles to him in the 50’s, he took acting lessons and won a Golden Globe in 1960 for Most Promising actor.

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Following the movie, he played minor roles in Beverly Hills, 90210, Murder, She Wrote, Milan, as well as other parts.

In July 2014, he died in peace in California at the age of 85.

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