When you do pushups where should your elbows be?

When you do pushups where should your elbows be?

If traditional pushups seem too hard for you, or you don’t have the ability to do them, then try modified pushups (via). Prevention). Modified pushups are an easier version of traditional pushups that practice the same range of motion and maintain the same form while decreasing the amount of body weight supported by your arms and upper body.

“This will take some pressure off of the arms and help build strength to eventually perform push-ups on the toes,” Tiffani Robbins, a NASM-certified trainer at obé Fitness, told Prevention. “Be sure the hips are staying forward, core is engaged, elbows are bent at 45 degrees, and the shoulders reach elbow height.”

For a modified pushup, you will need to kneel on the ground with your hands outstretched. Maintaining a straight back, lower your body toward the ground and bend your elbows at a 45 degree angle. Next, raise yourself up to the original position while your arms are fully extended.

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