When women reach a certain age, they tend to be less fond of their husbands. Has your sex life changed?

A WOMAN’S desire for her husband plunges after she turns 40, a study found.

But libido is still healthy in the 80s and levels of solo play are almost unchanged.

A woman's desire for her husband plunges after she turns 40, a study found


A study has shown that women feel less desire for their husbands when they reach 40.Credit: Getty

Research shows that women prefer to be alone in the bedroom later in life.

One theory suggests that they lose interest in their partner as fertility declines and become more confident about their needs.

Contrary to this, men still want wives well into their 80s and 90s with a high level of attraction.

According to a study of 8,000 people, German and Scottish scientists found that females are less likely than males to wander after age 50.

Experts believe men lose their desire for attractive strangers in their youth when they are able to focus on their families.

Larissa Wieczorek from Hamburg University wrote this in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. “It may be women’s sexual desire is influenced by family planning and is highest at ages where many women wish to become mothers.”

Phillip Hodson, a sex therapist, said that the study also showed partners struggling to communicate their needs.

He continued on: “After 40, women often have the confidence and time to enjoy better sex while men don’t see the need to change things, often becoming ‘sex lazy’.”

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