When travelling with your children, Mum shares some very useful hotel hacks. One will allow them to sleep much better.

Three clever hacks from a SAVVY mother for travelling with kids.

Nikolina Kharoufeh has a simple trick that she uses to help her 2-year-old child and 10-month-old baby fall easily asleep.

Nikolina Kharoufeh revealed her three clever hotel hacks when travelling with kids


Nikolina Kharoufeh shares her 3 clever hacks to hotels when traveling with childrenCredit: TikTok/heynikolinak
The mum revealed that most hotel alarm clocks can double as white noise machines


She revealed that many hotel alarm clocks double up as white noise generatorsCredit: TikTok/heynikolinak
She asked for portable cots so she didn't have to pack her own


It was a portable bed that she requested, so as not to have her own.Credit: TikTok/heynikolinak

On her TikTok account, the Aussie mother shared her tips for her holiday.

This is my list of travel hacks that you can use with your kids to make it easier for them when they’re on the go.

The clever mother asked for the portable cots in advance, before checking into the Novotel Darling Square.

She explained that this saved her from having to pack portable cots and bedding for the children, both of which take up a lot of space in the car.

This mum called her second tip “life-changing” because it allows her kids to sleep well during their entire trip.

Most hotel alarm clocks have Bluetooth speakers, which can be used as white noise machines. “It’s life changing,” said she.

Nikolina asked also for activities and toys so that her children would be entertained all the time.

She added: “I also asked that the hotel provide me with kids’ activities and toys upon my arrival.”

This meant the children were preoccupied by some toys, coloring books and soft toys for my child.

It turned out I didn’t need to bring as many toys for the children as I had thought.

Not only Nikolina, but also other parents have shared their clever hacks to help children.

The perfect toy to keep kids entertained on a vacation destination was discovered by a travel-savvy mum.

The sticker book is just £13 from Amazon and has 4.8 star reviews from over 3,000 parents online.

Helping kids develop their vocabulary, the 48-page book by Roger Piddy introduces children aged over 3 to over 100 words.

The description reads: “Organised into groups such as farm animals, toys, and things that go, each colourful page features familiar, everyday words and pictures, and learning becomes interactive as children look for, find, and match the correct stickers to the correct spaces.

“A great book to help children aged three and over build language, start word and picture association, and develop hand-eye coordination skills.”

InsideHook’s Lindsay Cohn explained: “I’m not embarrassed to say that we’ve purchased this sticker book no less than five times.

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“Not only is it fun, colourful and engaging for little travellers (and wallet-friendly), but it’s also the perfect mess-free activity for times when kiddos need to sit in one place — whether that’s a flight, train or dinner at a restaurant.”

And parents completely agree with her as one reviewer wrote: “My 18 month loves this book! It’s so fun to match the stickers with the pictures in the book.

Nikolina also asked for toys and activities to keep her children entertained at all times


Nikolina asked also for activities and toys to keep her child entertained.Credit: TikTok/heynikolinak

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