What’s up with this gun?

“Prey”You can find it here.

The latest edition of the “Predator”The franchise is about Amber Midthunder, a young Comanche warrior who gets into trouble with our favorite alien hunter 300 years earlier than the original film. But it harkens back to the original film’s spirit of pitting a single soldier (what was once Arnold Schwarzenegger is now Midthunder) in an element battle to the death.

But what happens if the conflict continues?

We decide who survives and what is left.

Major spoilers “Prey” follow.

Go back to 1997

Before we get into the details of “Prey,”We will briefly discuss a scene from an earlier movie in the franchise.

End of “Predator 2,”In 1990, Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover), an LA cop, kills the predator that has risen to futuristic, gang-ridden 1997 Los Angeles. (Another big part of futuristic 1997 Los Angeles Voodoo!) Before the predator can initiate his self-destruction device, Glover’s Harrigan disarms him (literally) and follows the creature into the predator’s ship, which is lined with skulls from previous hunts (including the Xenomorph from the “Alien”Franchise was at that time the most popular Easter egg.

And what’s more, there are other Predators in the ship too! However, instead of making him feel totally screwed, the predators show respect and give him an antiquated pistol. “Raphael Adolini 1715.” This is Harrigan’s trophy. This was Harrigan’s trophy. It was a race of alien killers that he received it.

The gun was also symbolic of something very tantalizing: the fact that predators have been visiting Earth for a very, very lengthy time. (1715 was approximately 300 years prior to the events of the first “Predator.”) Have the creatures been coming here that long? Is it also for the same reason? To find the greatest warrior of the planet. It appears so.

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Mud Fight

“Prey”This is, first and foremost a return to the roots “Predator” franchise. This is a great thing after years of bizarre deviations and pointless spinoffs. There is no better example of this commitment to the series’ essence than the finale between Predator, the young warrior Naru, and the Predator.

She makes use of the topography and her knowledge to her advantage by trapping the predator inside a quicksandy mud pit, and then using his technology against her to kill him.

However, we need to go back to the big scene from earlier in the movie, where a group French fur trader attempts exterminating the predator. They fail miserably, you can imagine. Naru offers assistance to one of the injured fur traders. He helps him bandage his severely damaged leg. He gives her a pistol in return. What is the code for the pistol? It’s obvious: “Raphael Adolini 1715.”

Naru is shown holding the gun at the end, which she considers her trophy for having survived the brutal encounter with the predator. How does the predator get it back, Naru?

The movie’s events are shown in pictographs towards the end of the credits. A new twist is that it appears that the predators ship will return to the Comanche river after the events of the movie. This, we’re guessing, is when they get the pistol back. We are currently praying to invoke a sequel. How cool would that be? In the worlds of the predator and the “Predator”Everything comes back around (franchise).

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The Story Behind the Gun

But where did the idea of this pistol come? We asked director Dan Trachtenberg to explain.

“That’s what allowed unlocked for me, the very concept of the movie and certainly the date of the movie was like, Oh yeah, right,” Trachtenberg said. “That’s when this can be set in a date that allowed for that gun to be in this movie in some form. It evolved as we wrote the script just to exactly where it would fall.”

It turns out that the gun was an intrinsic part of the alchemy. “Prey,” what Trachtenberg describes as “balancing nostalgia with freshness.” Trachtenberg continued: “I love that it’s new and that it brings some adventure and swashbuckling to it.”

“Prey”Hulu is streaming it now

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