What’s Going On With The 9 To 5 Trio: Parton’s Bad Blood With Tomlin & Fonda

According to The Globe, Parton’s had bad blood with Tomlin & Fonda ever since 1980. An insider says, “To the public, these ladies are as warm and gregarious as their hilarious 9 to 5 characters, but that’s far from the truth.” Parton’s bubbly personality reportedly rubbed the no-nonsense duo the wrong way.

What's Going On With The 9 To 5 Trio: Parton's Bad Blood With Tomlin & Fonda

Tomlin and Fonda “don’t invite [Parton] to lunch or send congratulations on her various successes”, a source claims. This bad blood could be renewed now that Parton is set to guest star on Tomlin and Fonda’s Netflix series Grace and Frankie. An insider explains, “It’s strictly business and for ratings and publicity. There will be no partying afterward if Jane and Lily can help it!”

What’s Going On With The ‘9 To 5’ Cast?

There are tabloid stories dumber than this one — Kanye West trying to clone himself comes to mind — but there are few as transparently false. Fonda and Tomlin were friends with Parton for decades. There’s no secret resentment whatsoever.

In January, Tomlin went on Today where she was asked about Parton. Grace and Frankie. She said: “We’re always hoping that will happen…she’s phenomenal.”Parton presented Tomlin with a lifetime achievement prize at the 2017 SAG Awards. The Emmys were presented later that year by all three.

Fonda begins to cry when she thinks about how positive Parton is for her fans. Parton is, as this outlet admits. Finally, guest-starring on Grace and Frankie next season, something that wouldn’t be happening if Tomlin and Fonda have hated her for decades.

It’s difficult to even call it a publicity stunt either since the streaming show is already in its seventh season. It doesn’t need Parton to boost the profile of an already successful show in its final season.

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