What You Need to Know Before Taking an RV Trip, According to Experts

When you’re traveling in an RV, your vacation begins as soon as you drive off, Marc and Julie Bennett told Insider.

Marc and Julie Bennett driving their Class B+ rental RV in Florida

Marc and Julie Bennett driving their Class B+ rental RV in Florida.


Marc and Julie Bennett are pros at RV life. 

They say they’ve been to all 50 states, driven through 48, and written two books about how you can, too: “RV Hacks: 400+ Ways to Make Life on the Road Easier, Safer, and More Fun!” and “Living the RV Life: Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road.”

In a recent interview with Insider, the duo shared some things to know before taking an RV trip, starting with how to enjoy the journey.

“The great thing about an RV is you don’t have to take the highways and the interstates,” Marc said. “Avoid the interstates because it’s much more scenic and generally the road speeds are slower so you can drive at a safer and more relaxing pace.”

When you’re in an RV, you should know there’s no rush to get anywhere, the Bennetts said, because your vacation starts as soon as you leave.

“So take your time on planning it out and do some interesting things on the way, Julie added.


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