What we know about Lori Loughlin’s Home Burglary

What we know about Lori Loughlin’s Home Burglary

According to a January 15, TMZ report, Lori Loughlin’s house was reportedly burgled at the very beginning of the year — January 3 to be exact, a law enforcement working on the case told the tabloid. According to TMZ the crime was perpetrated by individuals wearing black face-obscuring masks and stealing jewelry up to $1 million. As the outlet noted, the burglars broke into her residence through the bedroom window. TMZ was also informed by local authorities that it is not known if Loughlin was the target of the burglars or if they simply chose a Los Angeles manse. 

Loughlin was not hurt by the incident, but an anonymous source said that the whole thing was put in perspective when Loughlin received the news about her ex-husband. “Full House”Bob Saget, a coworker, has died untimely. Loughlin seemed shocked at the death of Saget, who she had been close friends with for many decades. “Words cannot begin to express how devastated I am,”Loughlin said Page SixJanuary 10. “Bob was more than my friend, he was my family. I will miss his kind heart and quick wit. Thank you for a lifetime of wonderful memories and laughter. I love you Bobby.”

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