What was the bodybuilder Mike Mentzzer like?

Mike Mentzer, a professional American bodybuilder and businessman who also wrote books.

In 2002, after his death in the year before, he was inducted in the IFBB Hall of Fame.

Mike Mentzer flexes his muscles in New York in 1977


Mike Mentzer in New York, 1977.Credit: Getty

Mike Mentzer was a bodybuilder.

Mentzer was born November 15, 1951, in Germantown Philadelphia. He is of German descent.

He went grammar school and Ephrata High School before attending the University of Maryland as a pre-med student and when he wasn’t in the gym he spent his time studying “genetics, physical chemistry, and organic chemistry.”

He initially wanted to be a psychiatrist after graduating.

His bodybuilding training began when he reached the age of 11. He was working out three days per week.

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In the Air Force, after graduating from high school, he trained more than 3 hours every day for 6 days.

He began competing in amateur competitions when he turned 18.

After recovering from an injury to his shoulder, he placed third at the Mr America contest in 1975. He won the competition the next year.

In 1978, he was crowned Mr Universe in Mexico with an impressive score of 300.

Mentzer was able to win the Mr Olympia Heavyweight Class in 1979 with a perfect 300, but fell just short against Frank Zane for the overall title.

In the year following, he tied for fourth with Boyer Coe behind Arnold Schwarzenegger Chris Dickerson, Zane.

When he turned 29, he gave up competitive bodybuilding.

Mentzer’s published courses, including books and audiotapes that first set out his intense training program changed as science progressed to become less intensive and include more days of rest.

With his brother Ray Yates and Dorian Yates, he also founded a clothing business called MYM (also known as Heavy Duty Inc.).

Mike Mentzer had any children

There is little information about his personal life or relationships

Mentzer was found dead in Rolling Hills California on 10 June 2001 by his younger sibling Ray.

Also, he had two older brothers and sisters.

Was Mike Mentzer married?

He kept his personal life hidden from public view, so it’s not known whether he was married.

It is well known that he had a close relationship with his father.

Mentzer has been quoted as saying that Barbell: “My father, although not an intellectual, learned something about the value of knowledge in the course of his life and sought to inculcate that value in me.

“He would reward me whenever I did well in school. One time he gifted me with a $20 note for my good grades; the next time, it was a baseball bat.

“He was keen to encourage my studies and would brag about his smart son to his friends.

“He was a tough-minded individualist who always seemed to find it easy to stand up for what he believed in.

“In fact, at times, he reveled in that role, even boasting about his strength of integrity, which had a habit of irritating others of a weak-willed ilk.

“Dad was not averse to a fight. Ray and I responded greatly to our father’s sense of self-esteem, which resulted in our becoming strong individuals.

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“I can remember people referring to ‘The Mentzers’—the inference being that we were arrogant and conceited.

“This only served to fuel my innate individualism. It was not that we were arrogant but rather proud of our own selves. Dad and I were very close—he died in 1985.”

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