What voices does Alva, Satan Mora and Trixy have in Disenchantment Season 5?

What voices does Alva, Satan Mora and Trixy have in Disenchantment Season 5?

What voices do Alva Gunderson and Mora the Mermaid (Mora, the Mermaid), Satan and Trixy have in season 5, recently released, of Disenchantment?

It’s been an incredible journey, but the fifth and final season of Disenchantment has just premiered on Netflix. Despite Part Five being the last adventure for Bean and Elfo, fans are smitten with new characters Alva, Satan, Mora, and Trixy – but who voices them in Netflix’s popular animated series?

Alva Gunderson is voiced by who?

Richard Ayoade is a British actor, comedian and film-maker who plays Alva in Disenchantment.

Ayoade is as close to a ‘national treasure’ as someone could possibly be in the British comedy scene, stemming from his iconic performances as Maurice Moss in The IT Crowd and his work as a director for titles such as Submarine and The Double.

The 46-year-old has also lent his voice to characters in Soul, The Bad Guys, Strange Hill High, Danger Mouse, Apple & Onion, Rugrats, Black Mirror, and even The Mandalorian.

In Disenchantment Season 5Alva Gunderson, the owner of Gunderson Steamworks, is Skybert’s brother. He disguises himself to be a Gordy, a Gunderson Steamworks worker, to approach Bean.

Who voices Satan the Disenchanter?

Richard Fulcher, an American actor, comedian and writer, voices Satan in Disenchantment.

Fulcher is arguably best-known for playing Bob Fossil on The Mighty Boosh, and various characters on the Snuff Box and Unnatural Acts comedy series – two shows that he also co-wrote and produced to critical acclaim.

The 54-year-old has also starred in titles such as Marriage Story, Skins, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Rick and Morty, Bob’s Burgers, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Star Trek: Lower Decks. Black Mirror.

Who voices Mora the Disenchantment in Disenchantment?

Meredith Hagner, an American actress, voices Mora the Mermaid in Disenchantment.

Hagner’s performances in As the World Turns, as Liberty Ciccone and Lights Out, in which she played Ava Leart (Ava Leart), helped her to gain fame. Her most notable roles have probably been Portia in Search Party and Kayla in Vacation friends.

Mora the Mermaid, in Disenchantment 5 season 5, is saved from the travelling freak show by Bean. She begins to have feelings for Bean even though he thinks it’s a hallucination.

Who is the voice of Trixy?

Lauren Tom is the voice of Trixy, the American actress in Disenchantment.

Tom’s best known roles include Lena, Julie, Celia Mack and Amy Wong from Futurama, as well as Julie in The Joy Luck Club.

The actress is also known for her roles in Solar Opposites and Teen Titans Go. She has appeared on Rick and Morty and Young Justice.

In Disenchantment, Trixy is a Trog who develops feelings for Elfo – although calling these emotions ‘strong’ would be an understatement considering the lengths she will go to ‘get some’.

Netflix has released Disenchantment Season 5 for streaming.

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