What Tonsil Stones Can Do To Your Breath

What Tonsil Stones Can Do To Your Breath

Tonsilloliths or tonsil rocks, which are tiny masses of material that can get caught in tonsils according to WebMD. These stones are made up of bacteria, dead cells, and mucus that eventually calcify. Other than irritation and sore throats, bad breath is a common symptom of these stones.

Daily Health According to the author, the bacteria found in and around tonsil stone is responsible for the foul-smelling odor. This bacteria produces sulfur compounds that give off a foul odor.

This odor can be prevented by preventing tonsil stones from ever forming. Cleveland Clinic To remove any debris, you can gargle with salt water. To gently get rid of stones in your tonsils you can use a cotton swab.

If tonsil stones — and bad breath — persist, visit a dentist for additional treatment options. They may suggest surgery to remove the tonsils in severe cases. This will prevent new stones from developing.

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