What to Expect when you Start the Pill

  • Side effects of birth control pills include nausea, skin change, and bloating.
  • Some menstrual changes, such as missed periods or spotting, may occur. 
  • Cortisol can be increased by birth control, which can lead to mood swings or headaches. 
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Birth control
Pills can be used to prevent pregnancy. But, like all drugs, there are side effects. 

You can treat some side effects like nausea and headaches. But if you have more severe symptoms you may need to discontinue using the pill.

High blood pressure

These are the most common side effects of birth control pills. Here’s what you can do.

1. Spotting between periods

According to the FDA, birth control pills contain estrogen as well as progestin.Felice Gersh MDOB-GYN, founder/director of Integrative Medical Group of Irvine.

Your body can be triggered to respond to these hormones as you adjust. Reduce the amount of uterine lining you haveThis is also known as spotting.

In fact, about Half of all usersSome people experience bleeding or spotting in the first three months after taking the pill.

Luckily, these effects are usually temporary — 90% of users have no spotting by the third month.

2. 2. Missed periods

It is possible that you will be surprised. miss periodsThe pill can cause you to have light periods, or even a complete absence from your period. This happens because the pill thins your uterus (which is what is shed during your period).

3. 3.

Birth control pills can be prescribed by doctors to treat acne. However, some people may find that they actually make their symptoms worse. While estrogen may be helpful in managing acne, it can also cause skin problems.It may be worsened by certain types of progestin.

Talk to your doctor if you notice an increase in skin problems after using birth control. Some pills have more estrogen than others like Ortho Cyclen. Others may only contain progestin. Micronor Slynd

4. Tenderness to the breast

“Breasts are sensitive to hormones and birth control pills contain powerful synthetic hormones,”Gersh said. The pill contains estrogen.Stimulate your breastsTo increase tissue growth, causing pain and tenderness.

Gersh recommends that you seek medical attention if you have breast pain.Chasteberry supplementThese may ease the symptoms.

Gersh recommends that you apply a warm compress made of a washcloth and warm water to sensitive areas.

5. 5.Mood swings

Hormones like cortisol can cause mood swings. Cortisol levels that are higher can cause you to feel fearful or stressed more.

You are more likely to experience mood swings when you take the pill if your age is between 18 and 24.History of depression.

Talk to your doctor about if you are experiencing severe mood changes.

6. Headaches

Gersh says that birth control pills can increase cortisol levels, making your body more susceptible to stress. This can lead to headaches. You may also find the pill helpful.Increase inflammationYou can find it hereStress can cause headachesAs well.

For headache relief, try these:

  • Reduce your intake of processed foods, alcohol, sweets and other sweets. These can all cause blood sugar disruptions and headaches.
  • Using deep breathing techniques
  • Taking a nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), like ibuprofen

7. Nausea

“The synthetic hormones in birth control pills, particularly the estrogen, may be responsible for the nausea, which tends to be the worst when the pills are begun,”Gersh

Because the pill can cause irritation to your stomach liningReduce your digestionYou may feel nauseated and your stomach will continue to grow longer.

To manage nausea symptoms, Gersh recommends:

8. Bloating

Your body reacts to the estrogen in birth control pill.Increase the production of renin-angiotensinYour kidneys create a compound called. Your body can retain more water which can cause you to feel bloated.

You can fight this by reducing salt intake and staying hydrated.Fluid retention is less likely.

Talk to your doctor if the pill is making you feel bloated.

9. High blood pressure

Birth control hormones, particularly estrogen, can be used to help you.Increase your blood pressure..

If you are older than 35, smoke or are obese, your chances of high blood pressure increase. These factors, or concerns about your blood pressure should be taken seriously.Six to twelve months.

Talk to your doctor about your blood pressure if it goes up while on birth control pills.

10. 10.

You can take the pill.Reduce your body’s productionYou need to know about androgen hormones such as testosterone which are essential for your libido.

It is possible to increase your libido with stress reduction and masturbation. You can also talk to your doctor about the possibility of trying aProgestin-only pillsThis may not have a significant impact on your sex drive.

Insider’s takeaway

“Birth control pills are highly effective contraceptives, preventing the vast majority of unwanted pregnancies,”Gersh 

Synthetic hormones, especially estrogen, can cause disruptions in many body functions, including your menstrual cycle, cortisol levels, and menstrual cycles.

To manage side effects of the pill, you can either try home remedies or speak to your doctor to discuss other non-hormonal or hormonal birth control options.


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