What time will the Post Office be open in 2023? UPS, FedEx and the mail explored

What does it mean for the mail service and will the Post Office be open on Monday, 19th June 2023?

In the first year of Joe Biden’s presidency, he declared that June 19, 2009 was a national holiday. The date is observed in order to remember the emancipation for enslaved Americans. The first time it was observed in Texas in 1865, when the last slaves were liberated under the terms set out in the Emancipation Proclamation of 1862.

As celebrations for this year’s Juneteenth get underway, you might be wondering whether this federal holiday might interrupt the day-to-day running of business. So, let’s find out what happens to mail services and the Post Office on June 19, 2023.

What time will the Post Office be open on Juneteenth in 2023?

There will be no post offices in the United States on Monday June 19, to celebrate Juneteenth. On Monday, the US Postal Service and all offices will be closed. No regular mail will be delivered or any packages. Business as usual will resume the following day, so be patient if you’re expecting anything in the post at the start of the week.

Because Juneteenth now falls under the federal holidays, non-essential business can take this day off and pay for it.

When does the Post Office shut down?

United States Postal Service only observes 11 official holidays each year. Federal holidays are a time when the USPS can stop business and change their working pattern.

Here are all the US Postal Service holidays that they observe throughout the year.

The mail service will continue to run, but other services like FedEx and UPS may also operate

While there may be some disruptions at the USPS (United States Postal Service), other businesses such as UPS or FedEx are expected to continue as normal.

FedEx offers a variety of services on their site.revealsAll locations are open this Juneteenth. If you plan to send a package or are waiting for it to arrive, the following services can be accessed.

You can expect on-time delivery of goods ordered through these firms.

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