What the cast thought of Part 1’s Cliffhanger

What the cast thought of Part 1's Cliffhanger

Season 4, part 2 A ManifestNetflix’s premiere in only a few short days will give fans the answers they are looking for. This is especially true after Episode 10, which ended on a cliffhanger. Zeke sacrificed himself in order to save Cal, and Angelina used the Omega Sapphire as a weapon to cause fissures throughout the world. Fans have been waiting for answers since the cliffhanger of Episode 10.

Netflix invited the entire cast, as well as Jeff Rake (creator/showrunner), to discuss the dramatic cliffhanger. They were all silent when they saw Michaela cry over Zeke, while Matt Long’s (Zeke Landon), tried to lighten the mood by telling Michaela that Zeke “looks terrible.” Cal’s awakening brought on more laughter, and Josh Dallas cheered, “He is alive!” Parveen K. (Saanvi Bahl), Ty Doran(Cal Stone), made even aGame of Thronesreference.

After Angelina revealed herself, Holly Taylor, played by Angelina Meyer, smiled at her chaos on screen. Daryl Edwards’ (Robert Vance), after seeing how many cracks Angelina had created, said that they “spent some money.” It makes sense, given that Netflix is a much larger company than NBC.

After the scene ends, everyone kept commenting on how amazing it looked, though Josh Dallas (Ben Stone) said that they may be clapping, but it was not a good sign what happened, as the 191 passengers are now not the only ones that need to be saved, but the entire world. Jeff Rake stated that the “stakes” are high, while Daryl Edwards said it would get “more frightening and shocking.” Season 4, part 2 will bring a lot of surprises for fans.

Fans will have to wait for the final episode of this series before they can find out what happens. It’s all hands on board to try and save everyone, as the mystery of 828 continues to plague the entire world. The story is going to end in a way that will be both exciting and terrifying. But hopefully everyone gets a happy and satisfying ending after all they have been through. The fans can only wait to watch the show on June 2, to learn how everything turns out. A Manifest Netflix presents the conclusion of The Final Chapter.

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