What Kyle Richards’ Relationship to Her Mom Was Actually Like

What Kyle Richards' Relationship to Her Mom Was Actually Like

Kyle Richards was close with Kathleen Richards, her mom. In a previous interview, forPageDailyKyle described how she was surrounded and nurtured by women as a child. She shared a bed with her mother up to her teens. “I actually slept with my mom until I was 15 years old,”Kyle stated.

She spoke with her during a chat. PeopleIn 2018, Kyle revealed Kathleen’s anachronism. “unconventional”She was a great mom and raised her children in a loving way. “a lot of confidence and trust”As a parent. Kathleen allowed Kyle to start going to work for herself as a teenager. “My mom was a strong woman, opinionated and outspoken,”Kyle stated. “The way that she raised us was very unconventional. Our house was open and our conversations were open … And my mom instilled in us a lot of confidence and trust.” In addition, Kyle said that Kathleen was the “biggest cheerleader”As a mom. “And she made me feel like I was the greatest thing in the world,”Kyle stated. The “RHOBH”Star has performed numerous public tributes to her mother that have been well received.

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