What island did the deadliest catch’s Sig Hansen buy in Norway?

What island did the deadliest catch's Sig Hansen buy in Norway?

There is no denying that deckhands and captains are the best. “Deadliest Catch”Their money is guaranteed. Whether it’s heavy accumulating ice that risks capsizing the boat or countless other unforeseen factors, these guys earn every penny. And Sig Hansen, Northwestern, took a lot of those pennies to buy a lot. MortholmenThe islet of in Western Norway. Hansen clarifies that the purpose of purchasing this island was not to make a profit.

In an interview with TVshowsaceHansen answered questions about the island, and revealed that his connection to it stemmed from his childhood. Hansen said, “That’s a place in the same town where my mother and father played a lot … So it was kind of neat.”

Chatting with someone is a great way to get to know them. Nicki SwiftHansen describes Mortholmen as a nostalgic place that was once connected to fishing, but is now a great location to host family events. “It’s an old factory, so they used to salt herring in those wooden drums, and my grandmother worked there as a young lady,”He said. “Anyway, long story short, that’s something to give back and I think, you know, you can do weddings, confirmation, and all kinds of things.”

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