What is the truth about Madelyn? Internet has stirred speculation

It’s been a great year for the actress, starring in lots of projects and getting more modeling gigs. Fans are now wondering if Madelyn is still in Yellowstone’s final season.

Madelyn has visited Outer Banks and Glass Onion in the past year. But some wonder if there is another project in store for her.

The beginning of Yellowstone’s fifth and final season aired earlier this year with six more episodes coming later on in 2023. Internet speculation has started to speculate if she will be a character in the finale of the show.

Madelyn cline, is she in Yellowstone?

It isn’t confirmed that the actress will be appearing in the remaining episodes later in this year.

Two spin-offs have also been produced from the Paramount hit show. First, there was 1883 – a limited series with Sam Elliot, Tim McGraw and airing in 2021-2022. Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford star in the second, 1932. Prequel 2022 was the first series and it has now been renewed.

Unfortunately, fans of both will be disappointed to learn that Madelyn isn’t in either. She could appear at some point in the future, but not right now.

It’s possible some have confused the actress with Hassie Harrison, who does star in the series. Although they both have blonde hair with brown eyes, there is 8 years difference between the two. One fan Think about it They look so similar that they could be related.

The speculation wasn’t helped after fan edits appeared on TikTok using the TV show as a hashtag.

All the clips that are used come from previous performances.

Even if Madelyn had been offered a role on Yellowstone, which there is no suggestion of, it’s likely the rising star would be too busy with Outer Banks. Netflix renewed the hit show for a 4th season in February after its third release.

There isn’t a release date yet for the fan-favorite show, but we can definitely expect to see Madelyn back as Sarah Cameron.

Madelyn Will Play Sarah Cameron As Long as Possible

Though she’s typically quite quiet on her social media, the actress told her Instagram followers that Outer Banks won’t be getting rid of her anytime soon.

Speaking on her Instagram stories, Madelyn said that ” I will come back for as many seasons as they will have me.”

“I love my job and there’s not a day that goes by that I’m not grateful for it, and for everyone who has watched it.”

Clearly, the Netflix star loves her role, and it’s not surprising seeing as Madelyn’s zodiac sign made her destined to play Sarah.

In fact, not only will she keep coming back, but she’s been looking at fan theories. In fact, there are some she’s been sending to the showrunner. The dynamic between Sarah, JJ, and the other would be changed by one in particular.

“I’ve You can also read about the importance of this in our article this before, one of my favorites is JJ and Sarah being siblings because of the missing mom connection, ” she said.

Unfortunately, the writers haven’t taken it on board…yet.

In Outer Banks, neither characters’ moms are present and there hasn’t been an explanation as to why. Perhaps if she’d had an affair with Ward or Luke, that would be enough of a reason to skip town.

If you want to know if this theory is true, wait for Outer Banks seasons 4 and onwards to discover if the prediction comes to pass.

Until then, you can always watch Yellowstone, just don’t expect Madelyn Cline to turn up in it!

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