What is the problem with Instagram music?

With around 500 million people sharing an Instagram story each day, it’s clear they are one of the social media apps most popular features.

So when one of its key aspects doesn’t work, users are quick to complain – but why is Instagram music not working? Here’s what we know.

What is the problem with Instagram music? 

The music feature on Instagram is reportedly not working for social media users credit: Alamy

Why is Instagram music not working?

Instagram stories have an amazing feature: you can add music to photos and videos.

The music sticker was first introduced in 2018. It is now a common feature of Instagram stories. It can be used to greatly increase the reach and impact the posts.

Instagram users reported that the system was experiencing a problem and thousands were unable to add the music stickers.

The photo-sharing site is experiencing technical problems again, although the reason isn’t clear.

Users suggested that it could be because they are using an account for business since Instagram limits the commercial use of music.

Others shared how they restarted the devices and reloaded the app to ensure they weren’t individually affected.

It seems that the music problem is widespread.

How can I find out if Instagram music works?

You can check if your Instagram music feature works.

Select the story that you want to upload and then tap the square smiley faces icon in the row at the top.

Select the “music” sticker from the menu and browse amongst the songs available – if you can’t search, it means your account may have been affected.

For reports on Instagram problems, you can also use another social media platform, Twitter.

If you don’t have a Twitter account Down Detector will tell users when the apps are down or experiencing difficulties – which has seen a significant spike in complaints in recent hours.

It is possible that the problem isn’t widespread. You might check your internet connection, or exit the app before you log back in.

This problem has been reported before.

According to reports, the problem has been reported multiple times over the years.

The latest major error in Instagram music was reported in January and again in May.

The long-standing issue seems to be a problem that the social media giant continues to battle with. Keep the app updated.

Some users have been met with this error message when trying to add music to their storiesSome users have been met with this error message when trying to add music to their stories Credit: Twitter.

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