What is the name of a cat that lies? Twitter brings back the funny feline “dad joke”

This spring, dad jokes have seen a resurgence in popularity. What do you call someone who lies? Answers are below.

Being funny has always been an important aspect of social media. Netizens upload hilarious videos every day. This turns the average Joe into an actual comedy star. The latest comedy trend is a classic that some may find even more snide than Saturday Night Live.

What is a cat that lies?

Now, What? The following are some of the ways to improve your own ability. What do you call a lying cat?

The answer is…

Or, a fee-lyin’ if you’re feeling extra mischievous!

Twitter brings back ‘dad jokes’ like the ‘fibbing cat’ this spring

For decades, Dad Jokes have been popular. In fact, the first record of a ‘dad joke‘ dates back to 1987, showing that it’s part and parcel of a dad’s duty to embarrass their kids with facepalm-worthy punchlines.

Social media has been a major factor in the revival of riddles, puzzles and games over the past three years. As many people found themselves unable to leave their homes due to the Covid-19 virus, they had to come up with new ideas to amuse themselves. As a result, brain teasers became popular. So, it might not come as a surprise that ‘dad jokes’ and other riddle-esque forms of fun are also seeing a surge in popularity.

Twitter is full of humorous one-liners. Check out our favorite one-liners that were uncovered this spring.

More ‘dad jokes’ to make you chuckle

If the ‘fibbing cat’ joke has tickled your fancy, then here are some hilarious one-liners to use on friends and family…

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