What is the Mayo Clinic Diet and Will It Work for You?

What is the Mayo Clinic Diet and Will It Work for You?

The Mayo Clinic Diet’s final rules will determine what you can eat. “Lose it!”Phase or the “Live it!” phase. “Lose it!”The first phase is called “The First Phase”. It lasts for two weeks and is focused on healthy fats, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and shares U.S. News & World Reports. These foods usually fall into Tier 1 (fruits, vegetables) and Tier 2 (carbohydrates) according to the Mayo Clinic Diet Healthy Weight Pyramid. Forbes.

Forbes shares that fruits and vegetables can be any type. Think berries, sweet potatoes, broccoli, etc. Because it is the backbone of your diet and doesn’t require calorie counting, you can eat it in unlimited quantities. Tier 2 also includes whole grains pasta, brown rice, as well as many other healthy carbs. While technically there is nothing banned in the second phase, it is recommended that you limit sweets and processed foods (tier 5), as well as full-fat dairy and meat intake (tier 3).

The second phase “Live it!”As long as you are willing to break the rules occasionally, a person tends to be more flexible. You’ll learn about portion sizes, meal preparation, and how to exercise. There are many other delicious foods. WebMDThis diet includes healthy fats (tier 4) Olive oil, nuts and legumes can be eaten sparingly.

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