What is POV on TikTok?

TIKTOK is full of all kinds of terms and acronyms, making it difficult to understand them.

A POV is one you might have come across recently.

There have been quite a few POV videos popping up recently


Recently, there have been a number of POV videos.Credit: Reuters

We explain the meaning of this phrase.

What is POV on TikTok?

Recently, POV hashtags and comments have been used quite often on TikTok.

This term is an abbreviation.

This is a system that has existed for ages, long before TikTok.

What is the meaning of Point Of View?

Who is the originator of TikTok’s POV?

There’s no clear answer to who started the trend of POV on TikTok.

It’s a popular way to show a real-time situation from someone else’s POV.

How to use POV in TikTok

It is not hard to find a way to use POV. The idea is that you show something as it unfolds from your point of view – at least ‘apparently.

Record your scenario and then put a caption with POV on top.

For some inspiration, search “POVs TikTok”.

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What is POV on TikTok?

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