What Is Jax Taylor’s Real Name?

What Is Jax Taylor's Real Name?

Jax Taylor was actually born Jason Michael Cauchi.

“I changed my name when I was 21,” Taylor revealed to The Daily Dish in 2018. “It was more of a thing where I was traveling and I was modeling. So they were just like ‘yeah this name is not gonna work. We’re gonna throw this name — what’s your mom’s maiden name? Okay. Yep, this is good.’ And then it just stuck. So that’s really where the name came from,” he explained.

Unfortunately, however, the new name eventually started wearing on the then-reality-star. “I’m honestly loving the way I feel again. I’m starting to feel like Jason again,” Taylor confessed in March 2018 during an installment of Bravo’s PumpRules After Show. “I felt like I took on this person though — this Jax Taylor. I took him on as a character and I became this socialite douche bag in L.A. that you know just kind of didn’t have a care in the world, had no soul and I was just kind of like who is this person?” he continued.

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