What is Black Mirror Streamberry and how do I register?

BLACK Mirror 6th Season has its viewers talking about the Streamberry Platform.

Netflix has introduced a new “terrifying’ technology concept in its long-running series.

Streamberry is presented as a streaming platform similar to Netflix


Streamberry presents itself as a similar streaming service to NetflixNick Wall/Netflix

What is Netflix Streamberry?

Streamberry, a streaming promotional site made to look like Netflix.

This fake platform allows its users to live their lives as though they were a television show.

Streamberry appeared for the first time in Black Mirror season 6, episode 1.

When Annie Murphy’s Joan joins Streamberry, she gives up the rights to the story of her life.

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As soon as Joan signs up with Streamberry and her devices are connected, the viewers can see how she lives.

Streamberry CEO Mona Javadi – played by Leila Farrah – tells Leila’s press that “the app can create infinite content.”

The aim is to create content that’s unique to every individual within our 800 million database. This will be done on demand by our system. “The most relatable and relevant content possible.”

Charlie Brooker, the showrunner of Black Mirror revealed that the series was approved almost instantly after the parent company asked to include a Netflix platform.

Brooker shares with Empire: “We just said, ‘We’ve got this streaming platform called Streamberry in this episode…can we make it look like Netflix?’

“They went away and came back quite quickly — weirdly quickly — and said, ‘Yeah, okay.’

“There wasn’t any resistance to it, that I could tell. The episode itself is meta and strange.

“It’s one thing me watching it in the edit but the thought that people are going to be watching it on the Netflix platform itself? That’s quite bonkers.”

Danielle Fitalis and Leila Farzad pictured in Black Mirror's Joan Is Awful episode


Danielle Fitalis, Leila farzad and Joan Is Awful in Black Mirror episodeNick Wall/Netflix

How do I register for Streamberry?

Black Mirror’s Joan is Awful can be viewed on Streamberry. You are awful.

Fans will see similar red flags to the episode mentioned above when they reach youareawful.

Users are asked to upload a picture of themselves on Streamberry to begin.

Users are encouraged to accept the following terms and conditions after choosing their profile image:

It is important that viewers read all the conditions.

If they don’t, then it could mean that their life and privacy are being signed away – like Joan.

After signing up for the service, users are greeted with an advertisement promoting the show that is based on their lives.

What is the best way to watch Black Mirror online?

Netflix began streaming Black Mirror Season 6 on June 15th, 2023.

Netflix’s social media accounts were changed to promote Streamberry after the premiere of season one.

After watching Black Mirror, some fans have posted on Twitter: “Ok opening the app after viewing Episode 1 was a momentarily frightening experience.” Not Nice.”

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On Twitter, a second user said: “Watching #BlackMirrorS6 is like living horror! #streamberry.”

“No thanks, Streamberry. I’ve read all the fine prints.” Commented another.

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