What is Alyson doing now? Former HIMYM actress has a steady TV credit list

The How I Met Your Mother Cast has splintered in different directions since the show’s conclusion, so what happened to Alyson Hannigan and where is she now?

At one point in time How I Met Your Mother was one of the biggest sitcoms on TV, and the airing of the show’s final episode felt like a significant moment in modern pop culture history, as millions tuned in to finally learn the true identity of the mother of Ted’s kids.

Since then, the five members of the group have all done their own things and found success in different places. Though the likes of Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel have remained in the limelight, the life and career of Lily, aka Alyson Hannigan is not as well documented – so we found out exactly what has happened to the ex-How I Met Your Mother star and what she has been doing over the last few years.

Alyson Hanigan: what happened after HIMYM

Hannigan is still working despite not being on screen or TV every day.

Admittedly, Hannigan’s first big post-HIMYM gig didn’t work too well. Hannigan had originally intended to take a break from acting, but changed her mind when she was offered the opportunity to star in an upcoming comedy pilot by Ben Affleck & Matt Damon.

It was a pilot for the sitcom More Time With Family. Description by Hannigan as an opportunity “too good to pass up”, though, sadly, the idea was never picked up and the series failed to make it past the pilot.

Hannigan quietly added several new projects to the CV in the years that followed. Having made cameo appearances in various TV series while racking up a number of TV movie appearances, Hannigan’s credits include a feature in Disney’s Doogie Kamealoha, M.D., as well as a short stint on American Dad.

Hannigan’s most prolific role since HIMYM has come on Disney’s animated series, Fancy Clancy. The kid’s show has provided Hannigan with a taste of the voice acting world and the former-child actress has appeared in almost 60 episodes since 2018.

Alyson Hannah: Where are you now?

Hannigan is also a presenter. Since 2016 Hannigan has hosted over 100 episodes Penn & Teller: Fool Us, a talent show for magicians on The CW.

Hannigan also appears to have used the time she spent away from HIMYM with her family to show off her pictures on social media.

Hannigan and her husband Alexis Denisof, (who you may know as Sandy Rivers on HIYM), married back in 2003, and have two children – Satyana Marie and Keeva Jane.

According to Forbes, the Hollywood pair boast a rather impressive property portfolio – having reportedly In 2008, I bought a massive LA mansion just under $8 million.

Hannigan is still in contact with his fans through Instagram

If you’ve just finished watching HIMYM for the first time, or perhaps you’ve checked out Hannigan in a more recent role and wish to know more about her, then her Instagram page is the best way to do so.

Hannigan has over 1.7m Instagram followers. You can look forward to seeing throwbacks and pictures of the set, as well as some cute family photos behind the scenes.

Back in February this year, Hannigan went viral after she posted this selfie with former co-star Josh Radnor, or as you likely know him – Ted Mosby:

Hannigan appears happy and content with the way her life has evolved since leaving HIMYM, judging by what she posts on Instagram.

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