What inspired Queen Charlotte’s wedding gown?

What inspired Queen Charlotte's wedding gown?

Charlotte is in a bad situation when the show begins. Although she is from a royal family, Charlotte must go to another country in order to marry an unknown man. She is shocked by the difference between England and her native country as soon as she lands. The traditionalist Princess Augusta, her future in-law (Michelle Fairley), forces her to don a German-style wedding dress without sapphires or finery.

The “Creative” [English] The wedding dress isn’t really that plain, but feels plain in comparison. [to the carriage dress]”, costumer LynPaulo said IndieWire. “We interwoven many Yorkshire and Tudor flowers into the hems of this gown. They were also weaved into George’s dress for the wedding. Augusta included nothing German into the British gown. “It’s England, England and England only.”

Charlotte ultimately makes decisions which lead her to not wear the dress. When Charlotte decides to wed George, she wears an ornate wedding dress. Charles James, as inspiration for the production of “Queen Charlotte”, has been credited with its magnificence.

Laura Frecon stated, “It started with our machine embroidery, Twan, followed by hand embroidery and embellishment by our embellishers. We then added sparkles to the cape.” We did it to make Charlotte feel like she could show off, “This is who I am.” It is what I am.

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