What happened to Kristin Herera after she played Dana Cruz in the movie?


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“Zoey 101” introduced audiences to a number of colorful characters. Though she was only present in Season 1, fans might remember Zoey Brooks’ (Jamie Lynn Spears) feisty roommate, Dana Cruz. Played by Kristin Herrera, Dana is fierce and loyal, though she often clashes with Nicole Bristow (AleThe xa Nikolas). She has a strong will and is outspoken. This can be seen in her criticism of Logan Reese’s (Matthew Underwood’s) cocky behavior.

Dana, despite her dynamic and lively presence in the series, is erased after Season 1. She has moved to France where she attends boarding school. Fans will have also noticed that she didn’t return to the Paramount+ film “Zoey 102” which is released July 27th 2023.

Herrera was a frequent guest star in “General Hospital,” the smash hit soap opera that aired before “Zoey 101.” Her return to the show was as Lourdes De Toro, until 2008. She appeared in total 15 episodes. Herrera took on other roles immediately after “Zoey 101”, including Rose Martinez in Without a Trace, Gloria Munez, a troubled character in Freedom Writers with Hilary Swank and Karen, a horror movie called “Resurrection Mary”.

After a break of 12 years, in 2020 she made her return to small-screen television with an episode from the rebooted series “All That.” She reunited the cast of “Zoey 101”. The next year she reprised her role as Karen in the sequel of “The Legend of Resurrection Mary,” which was released in 2007.

Herrera has married and a child

Fans who have questioned why Dana was written out of “Zoey 101” will have to wonder for a little while longer. As of 2023, there is no confirmation as to why the actor left, but there are rumors that Kristin Herrera’s behavior toward Alexa Nikolas — who has been very open about being bullied on set — was a factor in her being let go. Nikolas was the one who stood out. Allegations That Herrera had pushed the actress into a boulder while filming. Herrera, according to other rumors was fired because she appeared older than her co-stars. Distractify).

Her Instagram revealed that she became engaged in 2020 during her hiatus from acting. In May 2022, the couple welcomed their first child and got married in October that same year. Also, she enjoys traveling and has posted photos from places like Hawaii and Greece. But fans can’t keep up to date with Herrera because she has set Instagram private.

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