What happened to Juan Carlos Formell? Bassist dies after sudden collapse on stage

Juan Carlos Formell died aged 59. Fans of Cuban Music around the globe mourn his death as he represents the third generation in the Formell family.

Los Van Van orchestra, led by Juan Carlos Formell on May 27th, announced the loss of their leader. A statement on social media announced the tragic news. Formells’ Cuban Music has forever been shaped, as they come from an illustrious line of musicians. Let’s take a look back over the late bassist’s life and find out what happened to him.

What became of Juan Carlos Formell

Juan Carlos Formell died while on tour with Los Van Van. The late musician was said to have died Friday (May 26), after having a heartattack. Formell, who was with Los Van Van on Friday in New York City, performed live. Formell collapsed midway through his performance. The fans who were in the crowd captured the distressing moment on camera. The band continued performing while Formell was being carried away from the side stage.

Formell died at the age of 59. He was born in Havana Cuba on February 2, 64.

A look back over Juan Carlos Formell’s musical career

Juan Carlos Formell is no stranger to the world of music. Juan Carlos Formell is the son of Juan Formell who led Los Van Van. Juan Formell Sr had such an impact on the Cuban musical scene, he created his own genre of music called Songa.

In turn, Juan Formell Sr was the son of Francisco Formell, the arranger for Ernesto Lucuona’s Cuban Boys. Musical talent runs in the Formell family’s blood. Samuel Formell, the brother of Juan Carlos, was also a talented musician. Vanessa Formell has also been connected with the family who includes some of Cuba’s most famous names.

Juan Carlos Formell was born in Cuba. However, he did not begin to find his musical footing until 1993. It was in 1993 that he fled Cuba, and received asylum in America. In 1998, Formell had signed with the Wicklow Records world music label. Formell was nominated as a Grammy nominee in 2000.

In the mid-2000s, Juan Carlos Formell launched his trio Son Radical. In 2014, he started working with Los Van Van following the May 1st death of his dad. Juan Carlos Formell moved to Cuba in order to take on the role as bassist for the band.

Los Van Van to continue tour in tribute to Juan Carlos

In the band’s statement on Juan Carlos Fornell’s shocking death, they confirmed that the Los Van Van tour of the US would continue.

“We inform our fans that the tour in the United States continues,” the statement loosely translates. “We will be paying tribute to Juan Carlos in each presentation, in each musical note… as Juanca would have wished.”

Our thoughts are with Juan Carlos Formell’s family and friends in light of this difficult news.

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