What Does Princess Anne Think About Camilla as Queen Consort?

What Does Princess Anne Think About Camilla as Queen Consort?

Between her marriage to Charles — then the Prince of Wales — in 2005, and the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Camilla was known as the Duchess of Cornwall, despite the fact that, legally, she was really the Princess of Wales. Camilla, however, chose to not assume this title. Out of respect to the late Princess Diana, who continued to be a hugely important figure in the royal family, even after her death. It was understood for a long time that Camilla would be called princess consortAfter her husband’s accession to the throne. In early 2022 Queen Elizabeth declared that Camilla would be known as queen consort after her husband’s death. The change was apparently not well received by Princess Anne, Charles’ only child and only daughter. 

Camilla is the subject of her latest book “Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: A Royal Survivor,”Angela Levin, royal biographer suggests that the two women initially didn’t get along because Camila felt uncomfortable about Anne. “frosty demeanour,”This she believed was the best. “difficult and somewhat unnerving to cope with” at first

In addition, the biography says that Anne “kept away”Camilla “as much as possible”Charles and Anne were on the throne for many years before they met. Most controversially, Anne said something about her sister-in law in the book. “Camilla will never be a true queen.” However, the two ladies’ relationship luckily has apparently warmed up over time. 

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