What does Keira Knightley think happens at the End of Love?

It was the love note that was read all over the globe. 

The holiday classic of 2003 Love Actually raised the bar for romantic gestures. Mark (fotografiert in one scene: Mark ( Referring to an iconic scene from Mark Fotografi get Get privat… In one scene in darin recall out în act 1) Mark ( Featuring an iconic scene with Mark ( DurchAndrew Lincoln) shows up at the home of his best friend, Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor), and Peter’s wife, Juliet (Keira Knightley). A series of posters show him silently declaring his love for Juliet, cementing the film as one of the most popular rom-coms ever made. 

The moment ends with a sweet, seemingly innocent kiss, but some fans have imagined Mark and Juliet together after the credits rolled. 

 So what does Keira think happened to her character when she went back inside to her husband?

Despite this, Pirates of the Caribbean star admits she doesn’t play the scene on rerun during the holiday season like Love Actually Film buffs, she knows for certain what the happy ending between Juliet’s true Romeo and her real Juliet was. 

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