What Does It Mean To Have A Moon In Scorpio For Women?

When you think of your Zodiac sign, are you thinking of your Sun, Moon, or Rising? Many of us only know our primary star sign. But there’s more to our Zodiac profile than our alignment with the Sun alone. The positions of all the celestial bodies create our Zodiac makeup. Central Recorder, Moon, and all the planets at your birth determine your unique personality. And when it comes to understanding our shadow selves, the Moon is where you should look. 

The meaning of a Moon in Scorpio for women can vary. Sun and Moon signs both come with their fair share of stereotypes. Moreover, our lunar assignments only make a small part of us–not the whole. Still, we can use our Moon signs to guide us through our emotions and personal growth.

Read on to explore the characteristics, weaknesses, love lives, and careers of Scorpio Moons.

Characteristics Of A Scorpio Moon

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Moon signs govern all that’s internal: emotions, moods, and needs. Our Moon sign determines how we feel feelings. It speaks to the deepest part of yourself: the person you are when no one is around. 

We determine Moon and Sun signs the same way. Whichever Zodiac constellation the Moon is “in” at your birth is your Moon sign. If the Moon appeared inside Scorpio, then you are a Scorpio Moon. 

Scorpios get an undeserved bad rep in the Zodiac, and Scorpio Moon characteristics are no different. These fixed water signs are a complex blend of ebb and flow. The water element loves flux, but Scorpio’s fixed-aspect prefers consistency. 

Like other water signs, Scorpio Moons are deeply emotional. From soaring highs to devastating lows, their feelings are profound and intense. All that practice on their emotional rollercoasters better equips them to deal with others. 

Scorpio Moons are also perceptive. They can identify emotions in others because they’ve seen the same ones in themselves. However, they struggle to translate this knowledge as empathy. Despite their roaring undercurrents, Scorpio Moons stay calm on the surface. This can appear cold to others seeking a connection. Scorpio Moons don’t do this maliciously. Their fear of closeness makes them naturally private people. If they never let anyone in, then no one will be able to hurt them. In reality, Scorpio Moons hide a soft underbelly beneath their spiky exterior. 

The strengths of a Scorpio Moon lie in its intensity. Their ruling planet, Pluto, governs transformations and the subconscious. This gives Scorpio Moons the power to enact great change. Once they have their sights set, Scorpio’s fixed-aspect won’t let them quit until they’ve reached their goal. 

Those born with the Moon in Scorpio are closely connected to the spiritual and cerebral. They don’t scare easily, nor do they shy away from the unknown. Scorpio Moons prefer to live their lives among the unfamiliar. They find purpose in conquering new territory. 

Though intimidating at first, their intensity makes them excellent leaders. Scorpio Moons are pragmatic and thorough problem solvers. But when left unchecked, their energy can quickly take a turn for the worse.

The Weaknesses Of A Scorpio Moon

What Does It Mean To Have A Moon In Scorpio For Women?
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The weaknesses of a Moon in Scorpio lie in their constant tug-of-war between flux and stability. Scorpio Moons’ emotions can swing from one extreme to the next. Not only is this confusing for those around them, but it’s also confusing for themselves. 

Scorpio Moons can alienate others by not keeping their emotions in check. Yet, when this happens, Scorpio Moons often feel like the victim. They struggle to see how their mood swings could push others away. To a Scorpio Moon, all they see is their loneliness. 

Scorpio Moons are also susceptible to negative external stimuli. A minor incident could ruin their whole day. If the problem is big enough, Scorpio Moons could carry it with them for weeks on end. Indeed, you could look at a Scorpio Moon wrong and send them into a sulky spiral. 

Ultimately, this is a defense mechanism. Their loneliness is both the cause and effect of their fear of vulnerability. Scorpio Moons might have plenty of friends, but they rarely feel like they’re getting as much as they give. This isn’t because people aren’t interested in offering them support. Rather, it’s because the Scorpio Moon won’t accept it. 

Given these Scorpio Moon characteristics, their bad reputation is fairly unsurprising. Waiting for Scorpio Moon to warm up to you requires thick skin and a lot of patience. However, if you do manage to wait, you will be highly rewarded.

The Love Life Of A Scorpio Moon

What Does It Mean To Have A Moon In Scorpio For Women?

The love life of a Moon in Scorpio is powerful. Shallow connections and casual dating don’t interest Scorpio Moons. Instead, they prefer proud and intense relationships. Once they’ve found their partner, Scorpio Moons don’t let go. 

Scorpio Moons crave deep intimacy in relationships. These bonds can usually only be found in long-term relationships. As such, Scorpio Moons are often serial monogamists. They are fiercely devoted to the object of their affections. 

Of course, devotion doesn’t always equal happiness. Scorpio Moons are prone to brood, and they don’t mind confrontation. This can grow tiresome to partners unable to handle their emotional velocity. It can also cause recurring fights and drama. 

Scorpio Moons’ ideal partners can understand and leave space for their intensity. Fellow water Moon signs like Pisces and Cancers have similar emotional depths. However, these two signs are far more gentle. They can soften Scorpio’s rough edges and help them practice kindness. 

A Moon sign this complex finds its best relationships in fellow Scorpio Moons. Only a kindred lunar Scorpio can understand the chaotic nature of their partner’s emotions. Needless to say, though, it can be volatile when they clash.

Still, Scorpios love this ferocity. They prefer their partners to be deeply invested. Freedom-loving Moon signs like Aquarius and Sagittarius tend to clash with Scorpio Moons, who like to keep their partners close. 

Scorpio and Leo Moons will encounter the most strife. Leo Moons require their feelings to be at the center of a relationship. To a Scorpio Moon, this can come across as shallow. And for Scorpio Moons, shallowness is a major turn-off.

The Scorpio Moon Career

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The ideal career for a Scorpio Moon lets them utilize their emotional prowess. Those born under Scorpio Moons are natural psychologists. They’re adept at picking up on people’s needs. They offer great advice (if you’re willing to hear hard truths). 

Jobs that require a lot of superficialities can be draining to a Scorpio Moon. These individuals can’t “put on” while on the clock. This makes them lousy with customer service. Scorpio Moons also can’t stand repetition. A Scorpio Moon will quickly lose interest if their work has no greater purpose. 

Scorpio Moons’ fear of vulnerability makes it difficult to pursue the arts. They have creative spirits. But the fear of being judged prevents them from truly trying. Their creative endeavors will likely remain hobbies, not career paths. 

Scorpio Moons can stretch their creative muscles while keeping a “safe” distance through the occult. Naturally mysterious, Scorpio Moons love all things magical and occult-related. In this way, Scorpio Moons can experiment with the abstract while still protecting themselves. 

Those born with the Moon in Scorpio excel in psychology and investigative fields. Their unique skills lend themselves to private detective work, something just seedy enough for Scorpio Moon to enjoy. 

Scorpio Moons are enigmas. Few people are bold enough to explore their depths. But for those brave-hearted enough to try, they can expect great passion, power, and intensity. Scorpio Moons are not only difficult to understand. They’re also impossible to forget.

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