What did toilet say to the sink? You will snort at this dad joke

Dad jokes are a love-hate thing – but there’s no denying their hilariousness. These cheesy stories are gaining popularity on social networks in 2023. The latest one is ‘what did the sink tell the toilet?’

It’s one of many gags taking over Twitter and TikTok right now, like ‘what do you call a happy cowboy?’ and ‘what kind of shoes do ninjas wear?’. These are both hilarious, but I think this one is even funnier. Read on for the punchline…

The toilet told the sink what?

What did the toilet tell the sink?

The answer is…

Your face looks flushed.


What did the toilet tell the sink?

If you want to take the joke one step further, here’s a follow-up to tell your friends or share on social media.

What did the sink say to the toilet?

The punchline is…

Your eyes are drained.


Funny toilet jokes

There’s something about toilet dad jokes that never fail to make you giggle. Here are some more that will put a smile on your face…

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